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Posted On: 17 August 2020 07:00 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:40 am

Katara International Chess Tournament 2020

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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Event Details:

Location: The tournament is online.
Date: 24 August 2020 - 26 August 2020
Time: 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Ticket Purchase: Online
  • Open for all - It's free!
Phone: 30006260
Email: [email protected]

"Chess is a game which connects us, unites us, makes us feel like one family, one community, one planet."

QCA in collaboration with the Cultural Village Foundation - Katara, invites you and all chess enthusiasts to join and participate in the “Katara International Chess Tournament 2020” Online Bullet Tournament. The tournament will be played in two stages of Bullet Chess on at three different time zones where players are free to join and participate in any time zone they prefer and as many tournaments as they want to take part in:

Tournament Schedule

Qualifying Stage – 90’ Bullet Arena

Katara Bullet Finals

Katara Arena A

Katara Arena B

Katara Arena C

24th Aug

10:00 AM (Doha Time)

24th Aug

4:00 PM (Doha Time)

24th Aug

10:00 PM (Doha Time)

26th Aug

6:00 PM (Doha Time)

Arena System 90 minutes

Top 5 players qualify

Arena System 90 minutes

Top 5 players qualify

Arena System 90 minutes

Top 5 players qualify

Knockout System 16 players

(15 qualifiers + organizer’s wild card)

12 Bullet games/Match

*Qualifying Stage – 90’ Arena sessions

  • The qualifying stage consists in three independent Arena Bullet qualifying sessions of 90 min each.
  • Top 5 players from each qualifying session qualify for the Katara Bullet Finals.
  • Players are free to join one or several Katara Arena (A, B or C) to qualify for the Finals.
  • Players may play in several Katara Arenas (A, B and/or C) if they wish so.
  • In case a player reaches the top 5 in 2 or more qualifying sessions, the session where he reached the highest final ranking will be kept and his other results will be disregarded.
  • To register to any of the qualifying sessions, a participant must have played at least 15 rated games on lichess.
  • Every participant in any Arena must fill up the following online form:

  • Bullet Arena "A" link:
  • Bullet Arena "B" link:
  • Bullet Arena "C" link:

    *Katara Online Bullet Finals

  • The Katara Online Bullet Finals consist in a 16-player knock out session.
  • Every one-to-one Match shall be played in 12 games of Bullet Chess.
  • The Match is won once a player scores 6.5 points. In case of a draw score 6-6, players shall play up to the first win.


Total Prize Fund: 10,000 $



3000 $

2nd Place

1500 $


3rd Place

750 $

4th Place

750 $

Quarter final

5th Place

500 $

6th Place

500 $

7th Place

500 $

8th Place

500 $

Round of 16

9th Place

250 $

10th Place

250 $

11th Place

250 $

12th Place

250 $

13th Place

250 $

14th Place

250 $

15th Place

250 $

16th Place


NOTE: Prizes shall be received via Bank-Transfer after one month of Winners-List announcement due to Covid-19 less office-hours + Banks long & slow procedures.

Rules & Regulations:

Admission: Open for all + No entry fee.

Online playing platform:

For more information be sure to check it out HERE!

Source: Katara