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Posted On: 16 September 2015 10:33 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:31 am

Turning Fear Into Fuel

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Event Details:


Turning Fear Into Fuel - Creating the confidence to play big in business and in life


  • Take responsibility for what you do in the world – working through fear so you can make a contribution.
  • Understand the inner critic and how it holds us back.
  • Learn about the two types of fear (Pachad and Yirah) and how we can use them to push ourselves forward.
  • Develop authentic confidence in ourselves to keep moving forward.
  • Be an example to others.


Through a combination of stories, group work and individual contemplation, this workshop will explore how to understand your fears and transform them into energy to drive you towards your goals. Learn how to identify the voice and tactics of your critical self that can hold you back and look to how you can draw on your reserves and your inner guide to inspire you to play big. Participants will learn a number of strategies for building authentic confidence and will create a power mantra that they can call on in times of uncertainty. They will also learn about taking responsibility – stepping up and contributing positively to the world including how to inspire and mentor others.