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Posted On: 28 August 2010 03:48 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

IAID Summer Workshops for Kids resumes on 1 September!

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Event Details:

The IAID Summer Workshops 2010 looks forward to the last phase of the workshop season that will run on 1-16 September 2010 with advanced courses in Drama Fun for Tiny Tots, Bring out the Best in You, Art Trickster, Twist and Sculp, Piano on Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard Ensemble and Solo Playing, Western Vocals and Aerobics for Kids!

Since it started last 15 July, the young participants started from the basics then moved on to the beginners level and progressed to intermediate as they dabbled into very unique activities in dance, music and arts.

Personality Development allowed the young participants to discover their unique abilities through drama exercises and games. The courses Drama Fun for Kids (4-7 years) and Bring out the Best in You (7-12 years) covered the basic essentials of drama with storytelling, guessing games, movement, tongue twisters and poetry reading, among the many unique activities.

The Performing Arts Program maintains interesting musical courses such as; Piano on Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard Ensemble and Solo Playing and Western Vocals. The young musicians experienced a rare musical experience that started with their exposure to classic musical classics such as "Oliver."

The Visual and Studio Arts program continues to provide a unique experience to its young artists with Arts Trickster for kids 4 years and above and Twist and Sculp for 7 years and above. The kids rose up to the challenge as they dabbled with various arts medium such as clay, terracotta, charcoal, paper clay, chalk and paint.

Meanwhile, the Dance and Fitness courses brought out the best in the energetic participants as they explored new dance moves at the Aerobics for Kids and enjoyed a touch of tradition with Indian Folk Dance.

More fun and surprises are in store for everyone as the 10th Summer Workshops at the International Academy for Intercultural Development (IAID) takes its troop to more advanced learning on this last phase of the workshop season starting 1 September 2010.

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