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Posted On: 12 August 2010 04:38 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:25 am

Exciting Finale for Summer Workshops 2010

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Event Details:

The IAID Summer Workshops 2010 has once again made a difference in to kids as they explored the extraordinary courses such as Personality Development through Drama, Art Trickster, Twist and Sculp, Piano on Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard Ensemble and Solo Playing, Western Vocals, Aerobics for Kids, Henna Designing and Handwriting!

This is the tenth year of Summer Workshops with IAID, pioneering a unique summer workshop destination for kids in a conducive, nurturing and safe environment. Affiliated with the London College of Music and the Nalanda Dance Research Centre, IAID is an Academy for Dance, Music and Arts with certified and professional instructors ensuring strict quality standards to learning and performance.

Since the Workshops last 15th July 2010, the kids started off with learning the basics of each course.

Ms. Mudita Luthra and Ms. Anbreen Qaisar, created a conducive learning environment for the young participants of Personality Development that allowed them to discover their unique abilities through drama exercises and games. The courses Drama Fun for Kids (4-7 years) and Bring out the Best in You (7-12 years) covered the basic essentials of theatre, from the introduction of common stage terms, exercises on concentration, storytelling, guessing games and character work.

On the other hand, the Performing Arts Program opened interesting musical courses such as; Piano on Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard Ensemble and Solo Playing and Western Vocals. With the guidance of Emmanuel De La Rosa, a seasoned pianist who completed his music education in Vienna and New York, the young participants are assured of a rare musical experience that started with their exposure to classic musical pieces such as "Oliver." Adding spice to this repertoire is a seasoned instructor Chandralal Pathmakumara focusing on the Acoustic Guitar course that had students strum to popular songs.

The Visual and Studio Arts program gave a unique experience to its young artists with Arts Trickster for kids 4 years and above and Twist and Sculp for 7 years and above. The kids rose up to the challenge as they dabbled with various arts medium such as clay, terracotta, charcoal, paper clay, chalk and paint with instructor Mark Alvarado, a winning painter and professional arts and graphic designer.

Meanwhile, the Dance and Fitness courses brought out the best in the energetic participants as they explored new dance moves at the Aerobics for Kids and Indian Folk Dance with certified dance coaches Anna Gevero and Linette Thomas.

Henna Designing and Handwriting Students continues to learn the intricacies and aesthetics of the course as they continue to produce excellent work!

More fun is in store for everyone as the 10th Summer Workshops at the International Academy for Intercultural Development takes its troop to more Advanced learning on the upcoming 3rd workshop phase starting 14 August 2010. Students of the Personality Development through Drama are set to work with characters, costumes, music, short plays and improvisations that will surely enhance their creativity and craftsmanship!

All kids are invited to join in the summer fun and learn from the best and the pioneer of the Summer Workshops in Qatar. For truly, your kids deserve quality learning that will definitely shape their future!

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