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4 April 2016 06:18 am

Cirque Le Noir

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Event Details:

Le Noir, the dark side of the cirque, features over 20 of the greatest acts on earth including spinning metal wheels, acrobatic stunts 30 ft. high, jaw-dropping spins on roller-skates and the Columbian Wheel of Death, performed in a spectacular 360-degree custom-built stage setting, bringing the audience closer to performers like never before. 
The Colombian Wheel of Death is cited as one of the most complex circus stunts in the world; seeing two acrobats perform high-risk feats atop and inside a pair of spinning wheels rotating high above the stage. 
World-class acrobats, musicians, specialty acts and comedians are the centerpiece of this cutting edge production. 
The production is surreal, beautiful and hilarious at times as it explores emotions through colors as the cast transform from beautiful and pure white, through the passion of red and finally culminating with the darkness of Le Noir. 
Tickets Prices:
Silver Category - 145 QAR
Gold Category  - 350 QAR
Platinum Category -  850 QAR
Royal Category  - 1,750 QAR