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Posted On: 5 March 2021 07:30 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:41 am

Shot21 Photo Exhibition: Open Call

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Shot21 Photo Exhibition: Open Call

Event Details:

Location: Sikkat Wadi Msheireb
Date: 6 March 2021 - 15 March 2021
Time: 03:00 am - 03:00 am
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This is a unique opportunity to exhibit in a group exhibition in Downtown, Sikkat Wadi Msheireb, Doha, Qatar. Photographers and image-makers, of all ages, from all backgrounds, are invited to submit work for this exhibition in line with the below theme.

Submissions are encouraged from new, emerging and established photographers. We are looking for the risk-takers, the tastemakers, the unique, the thoughtful and community makers.


Culture is ordinary; every human society has its own shape, its own purposes, its own meanings. But ordinary to whom? To the observer, to the beholder, or to the critic? In some ways culture is one of the hardest and most complex topics to understand. For others, it is the most natural inert instincts and characteristics that they have.

The making of a society is the finding of common meanings and directions, and its growth is an active debate and amendment, under the pressures of experience, contact, and discovery, writing themselves into the land. Every society evokes a type of culture, but what are the elements that represent this? Is it the food, the language, the fashion,
the hand gestures, the dialect—is it a mixture? is it none of these? How do you visualise your culture?

Are you part of a culture that makes you lonely? Does your culture designate a certain label to you? Are you in a constant negotiation with your culture(s)? Does culture have multiple meanings to you? Is your culture often misunderstood? Does your culture contradict who you really are? As photographers and image-makers we ask you to explore the elements of culture by observing the connections between materials, aesthetics and design.

We want to see the in-between of sport, art, food, architecture, fashion and more. We want to see the ordinary in an unordinary world.

We invite you to be part of SHOT21.

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