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Posted On: 1 October 2023 06:31 am
Updated On: 2 October 2023 05:48 pm

Square Kufic Workshop at Museum of Islamic Art

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Square Kufic Workshop

Event Details:

Location: Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar
Date: 7 October 2023 - 7 October 2023
Time: 11:30 am - 01:30 pm
Ticket Purchase: Online
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Square Kufic calligraphy is an abstract form of Arabic script that uses the structural form of letters to create a composition.

Historically, it was mainly used in the architecture of buildings such as mosques. There are numerous patterns used in square Kufic, including squares, rectangles, circles, stars, and swirls.


  • Workshop lead: Hussein Ammar Ahmed
  • Language(s): English and Arabic

Source: Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar