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Posted On: 17 April 2017 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:30 am

The White Oryx captures mouth-watering and exotic spices of Thailand

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While dining at The White Oryx, may your innate wanderlust take your senses on a journey to the Tha Kha Floating Market in Bangkok, and experience the vibrant sights, aromatic smells, and busy sounds of the distinctive Thai marketplace. As your imagination runs wild, treat your tastebuds to the exhilarating medley of sweet and spice that only the Thai cuisine can offer so impeccably.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted with warm and welcoming hospitality, a Thai cultural trademark. As a perfect symbiotic reflection of the hospitality, the setting of The White Oryx exudes royal purples and rich gold shades that underline the blend of opulence and hometown comfort. Right from the get go, we were engulfed by the zesty aromas of the bustling kitchen, which only heightened our anticipation for what we hoped would be a delectable meal. We were not disappointed.

It began with the ambiance. Although brightly lit, the restaurant emanated a subtle warmth; with wood-paneled floors and resplendent Oriental ceiling lamps that gave off home-away-from-home vibes. As we were seated in a cozy private booth, with comfy violet colored banquettes, soft plush cushions, and ornate gold-leaf flower patterns bedecking the walls, the mood was perfectly set.

Restaurant booth with banquettes

To commence our Thai culinary journey we ordered refreshments. A totally unique drink served with ice and a wedge of lime, the butterfly pea tea Thai ‘Anchan’ was the restaurant’s recommendation to us. Despite the drink’s eye-catching psychedelic colors of blue and purple, that’s reminiscent of artificial food coloring, it’s all-natural, and in fact very healthy! According to the menu, butterfly pea tea is beneficial to improve eyesight, strengthen hair, and boost body immunity. Not only is it delicious, light, and so refreshing that you feel as if you’re lounging on a beach in Ko Samui - it’s also good for you! Most of their beverages - both hot and cold - are comprised of natural herbs, fruits, and flowers. With a rather unique approach to advocating healthier options, The White Oryx doesn’t serve sodas or fizzy drinks.

The White Oryx prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and most organic meats in their dishes. This was very evident when we tried their appetizers: White Oryx Fresh Rolls and Chicken Satay. Biting into one of the White Oryx Fresh Rolls was like diving into a refreshing pool of water after trekking through a stifling desert. With a filling of steamed prawns, fresh spring vegetable mix, wrapped in Thai rice paper, and served with a side of citrus peanut sauce, it doesn’t get any fresher than this. The Chicken Satay, served alongside a cucumber salsa, beetroot in sweet and spiced vinegar, and curry peanut butter dip, was tender, succulent, and rich in flavor, quite unlike any Chicken Satay I’ve had in Doha before.

Before we got to the main course, the arrival of soup and salad was an indication that the pre-show leading up to the main attraction was about to begin. The White Oryx’s traditional Thai Tom Yum soup, as red as flames, was definitely worth the tangy burn to the tastebuds. Prepared with enoki mushrooms, fresh prawns, lemongrass, and basil - a perfect harmony of sour and spice - the Tom Yum soup is a hot bowl of comfort on a rainy day. An exclusive dish, not commonly found in Qatar, is The White Oryx’s oxtail soup - their best seller. In homage to Islam in Thailand, the oxtail soup is a fragrant blend of spices with a hint of acidity from the use of lime. What makes the oxtail soup unique to Thai cuisine is the inclusion of Thai bird’s eye chili, which gives the soup its hot flavor. The papaya salad was presented on a bed of lettuce and packed a serious spice-punch. Made with unripened papaya, dried shrimps, heirloom tomato, crushed peanuts and a spicy tamarind dressing, the papaya salad is a spice-lovers dream come true.

Tom Yum soup

The main event commenced with servings of chicken green curry, duck red curry, Pad Cha, marinated mushrooms and broccoli; all served with sides of three different types of rice: sticky white, brown, and coconut brown.

The highlights of the night were the chicken green curry and the Pad Cha. The chicken green curry was cooked and simmered to perfection. When the waitress uncovered the lid, we surrendered ourselves to its aromatic steam. Prepared with Thai baby aubergines, mini Thai coconut balls, young green peppercorns, basil leaves, and a palatable spiciness that will send you reeling, The White Oryx green curry has captured my heart… and stomach. The balance between the green curry and the coconut brown rice really hit the spot; the sweetness from the rice, made of 100% organic riceberry, complemented the spice from the curry spectacularly.

The Pad Cha, stir-fry as we know it, was cooked using wok-fried “organic beef”, Thai chili relish and fresh herb. The beef was so succulent, and packed with flavor, it could literally melt in your mouth and send your tastebuds into a frenzy. My favorite part about these two dishes was the flavor and spiciness. They’re a definite must-try.

Beef Pad Cha

Although not a personal fan of duck, I was taken aback by the sweetness of the red curry dish as opposed to its spiciness. The duck, immersed in red curry, was accompanied by cherry tomatoes, lychee, and pineapple. The addition of fruits to a red curry was new to me, and provided a really distinct flavor.

With full bellies, and our appetites satiated, we wash down the deliciousness with hot cups of herbal tea. All-in-all the gastronomic experience was phenomenal! We thoroughly enjoyed The White Oryx’s hospitality and amazing food. The appeal lies in the restaurant’s focus on health and wellness. You don’t feel as guilty indulging in all their flavorful dishes. About The White Oryx

Location: Tower 30, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar (Takeaway/delivery on the Pearl)

Timings: 10:00 am till 11:00 pm, daily

Prices: Around QR 150 for two people

Contact: (+974) 4477-4275 Have you experienced a meal at The White Oryx yet? Tell us what you think of the soul-nourishing Thai cuisine in the comments below, and don’t forget to give us a like and a share!