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Posted On: 24 March 2022 03:00 pm
Updated On: 16 August 2022 04:59 pm

Shirvan Métisse Doha takes you on journey of culinary flavors

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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From serving some of the best dishes from the Silk Road, now to Doha, Michelin-starred Chef Akrame Benalall gives you one of the best dining experiences influenced by Levantine cuisine. Shirvan Doha offers you a culinary journey through the beautiful countries where sharing delicious food is part of the experience.

shirvan metisse doha takes you on journery of culinary flavours
Chef Akrame Benalall in his element at Shirvan Métisse Doha!

Walking through the doors of Shirvan Métisse at The Pearl Island, Qatar, you're immediately hit with the sophisticated ambience of the place; with the gleaming table lamps that reflect on the gold and bronze cutlery, the restaurant exudes elegance even before you take a seat. The view over the Porto Arabia from the outside completes the right aesthetics for Shirvan Métisse.

Silk Road inspired dishes at Shirvan Métisse that you must try!
Shirvan Métisse is located at The Pearl Island, Qatar. (Image Credit: Shirvan Métisse)

The restaurant takes an innovative way to bring together the different cuisines found in the countries along the Silk Road. Adopting the culture of sharing dishes, the menu offers a diverse array of dishes to try and 6 new ones to get obsessed with!

Craving to find out more? The (ILQ) team had the opportunity to treat our taste buds with Shirvan Métisse's new dishes to share just what's in store for you!

Begin your journey with appetizing starters!

Served on a bed of chickpeas, the Shirvan Tacos are a must-try starter!

Shirvan Métisse has more than enough for their starters. From their Red Tuna Tartare and a variety of homemade Naan to the Black Hummus and Azeri bread, the starters are a sure way of leaving a great first impression. An even better first impression is the addition of the Shirvan Tacos to their menu and your tables.

Share the Shirvan Tacos with your family and friends for a unique taco experience.

The Shirvan Tacos, unlike your typical tacos, are filled with Shirvan’s signature homemade black hummus, tomatoes, and cilantro and topped with shredded honey marinated lamb. Served beautifully on top of a bed of chickpeas, the savoury filling gives a sweet kick with the lamb on top making these tacos a striking start to an amazing meal. The black hummus was an exciting ingredient in the tacos; mixed with active charcoal, the black hummus gives the dish a Middle-Eastern spin.

On to the Mains!

silk road inspired dishes at shirvan metisse that you must try
The Naan Burger fills you up as much as it is filled with the juiciest beef!

After munching on the savoury Shirvan Tacos, the main dishes were set onto our table. Although all of the dishes found on the menu are a must-try, the three new mains are definitely the ones you don't want to miss!

Placed on a bronze-metal plate, the Naan Burger felt heavenly to the eyes and the mouth. An innovative take on a gourmet burger, the Naan on the Naan Burger is stuffed with juicy minced beef and cooked in a tandoor oven that gives this burger the best crisp and crunch with every bite. Aside from the stuffed naan bread, the burger is stacked with flavorful Turkey bacon, freshly cut tomatoes, onions, & lettuce with a special yogurt-mint sauce spread across the bottom. Served with a salad on the side, the Naan Burger is nothing like you've ever tasted before.

Melts in your mouth, swimming in red sauce, the Lobster pasta should never be left out!

Following the Naan Burger might be a difficult bite to take, but the two new pastas on Shirvan Métisse's menu takes the challenge and levels the playing field. Starting with the Lobster Pasta, the linguine pasta takes you on a tasteful dive with its creamy tomato garlic sauce, enticing spices, and lobster bits.

The lobster bits are hard to miss but easy to devour as the softness of it almost melts in your mouth.

The Kofta pasta offers the Middle Eastern road with its amazing taste!

Inspired by the Middle Eastern dish, the other pasta freshly introduced to Shirvan Métisse's menu combines Kofta and pasta to make the scrumptious Kofta Pasta. Together with the linguine pasta, the kofta pieces are complemented amazingly by the creamy sauce cooked in the beef's juices. Seasoned with the right spices and topped off with herbs and parmesan cheese, the Kofta pasta has been engraved onto our taste buds, and we still want more.

Finish off with desserts!

Shirvan Metisse Qatar
On the right: Vanilla Tonka Beans Crème Brûlée, on the left: Rose Water Crème Brûlée.

Make no regrets and order yourself some dessert to end this amazing journey. Shirvan Métisse's menu has a wide list of intricate desserts for you to try and recently, they have added 2 more treats on the list: Vanilla Tonka Beans Crème Brûlée and Rose Water Crème Brûlée.

Vanilla Tonka Beans Crème Brûlée gives the best sweet nutty rich cream that feels like a great pillow in your mouth!

Vanilla Tonka Beans Crème Brûlée is as good as it sounds. The sweetness and creaminess of the crème brûlée is a delight to the mouth as it softly melts away after every bite. The Tonka beans blend well into the rich cream base, giving a sweet nutty edge to the dessert.

Velvety and silky, this Rose Water Crème Brûlée is a perfect end to the feast.

Seeped with the taste and scent of roses, the Rose Water Crème Brûlée exudes nothing but 5-star excellency. The velvety cream base is infused with rose water producing the right amount of sweetness into the dish. The top of the crème brûlée is glazed generously with rose water.

Delight yourself with sophisticated drinks

Frozen Bay, The Pearl, and Like A Dessert are just a few of the mocktail favourites!

To complement the dishes in their menu, Shirvan Métisse provides an incredible selection of carefully crafted mocktails and mojitos. Their mocktails are a feast! The elaborate decoration of the drinks shows greatly the Silk Road inspiration of the three mocktails served to us: Frozen Bay, The Pearl, and Like A Dessert.

Frozen Bay is a refreshing drink made with garam masala infused apple juice. The mixed lemon sorbet adds a twist to the drink in the most energizing way. This drink is great for those warm summer nights in Doha!

Drawing inspiration from the location of the restaurant, The Pearl is Shirvan Métisse's own take on the famous piña colada. The drink contains the base of a typical piña colada with the added flavour of cumin. Topped with coconut cream, roasted pineapple, and roasted cumin seeds, this mocktail will definitely change the piña colada game.

What stood out the most out of all three drinks was Like A Dessert. From the eye-popping dessert glass and the golden spoon that comes with the drink to the gold flakes that rests on top of the white chocolate whipped cream, the Like A Dessert mocktail is the whole package. Having an orange and lemon juice base mixed with vanilla syrup and orange blossom, the drink is as good as a dessert and an even great mocktail as well!

And there's more!

silk road inspired dishes at shirvan metisse that you must try
Image Credit: Shirvan Métisse

Shirvan Métisse offers a set menu/4 course for lunch for QR 110 as well that changes every week for a weekly diverse experience! Aside from this, a live DJ entertainment pumps your night every Thursday & Friday from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Can't wait to taste the best cuisines inspired by the cultures across Silk Road? Don't stop yourself from getting a taste of Shirvan Métisse's gourmet delights, book your tables now at Shirvan Métisse Doha at The Pearl-Qatar.


silk road inspired dishes at shirvan metisse that you must try
Image Credit: Shirvan Métisse

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