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Posted On: 22 April 2019 01:56 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:29 am

New menu and uniform at Nando's Qatar!

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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Nando's, the Afro-Portuguese flame-grilled, PERi-PERi Chicken restaurants have fired up the start of this season with the launch of a funky new uniform for their staff and a beautiful looking menu for their customers.

About the new menu :

Nando’s has always focused on providing a unique eating experience; whether it is the casual home-style hospitality , beautifully designed restaurants or their addictively delicious, flame-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken and flavors. Attention to detail by design in enhancing the guest's experience has been taken up a notch by now introducing a brand new menu to complement the contemporary Afro-Portuguese look and feel and the Afro-Luso sounds (unique soundtrack of Nando’s) in their Casas. The new menu has a beautifully designed wooden board which holds it all together and it also now showcases Nando’s food in all its delicious glory. Navigating the variety on Nando’s menu is now simplified with the new layout and the use of food photography because every aspect of the guest’s experience is essential – even just choosing what they would like to eat.

On the launch of the new menu, Chris Clark, COO, Oryx Group for food and services said, "We introduced food photography, for the first time into the menu. Also, now each item comes with calorie count next to them and a very detailed description. Not only should this create appetite and appeal but now customers can see what they are going to order and can make a more informed decision. It will also entice the customers to try something different, or something which they may not have seen before or perhaps they never knew existed."

"Casa Deals" is a range of flame-grilled, PERi-PERi chicken meals that are just as full on flavour as the rest of the menu but priced economically and great for someone looking for a grab-&-go meal solution.

About the new uniform :

At Nando’s, there is an ethos of, “It’s the people who make the chicken” and as such Nandocas are at the heart of Nando’s culture. If Nandocas look good, they feel good! It is no wonder that Nando’s Qatar jumped at the opportunity to launch the new uniform.

In the design process it was important to remember that the new uniform must reflect the brand's quirky, casual and upbeat personality, but also gives Nandocas a comfortable, practical, hygienic attire for all seasons.

Available in 2 primary colour schemes - Olive and Chilli, Nandocas can customise their look by mixing and matching various combinations of the uniform. The choice doesn’t stop there- they can choose between multiple formats, like for example, half and full sleeve shirts and t-shirts, or between denim and chinos.

"Uniforms are an extension to every Nandoca's personality. We wanted to give Nandocas a uniform which they are proud of, love and are comfortable wearing. Attention to detail is characteristic of all brand elements, so the uniforms are customised for the different roles - from our Patraos ( restaurant managers) to the grillers, servers and even delivery crews. Nandocas are enjoying the new uniform, and our regular guests have started noticing the change as well", said Magnus Potgieter, Learning & Development Manager Nando's Qatar.

Source: Press release