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Posted On: 25 May 2022 03:30 pm
Updated On: 8 June 2022 12:47 pm

Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Moroccan restaurants in Qatar cover

Moroccan food is known for its distinct taste and dishes that are a result of the perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavours. The freshness and goodness of Moroccan food are no secret either with chosen healthy ingredients such as prunes and plums for sweetness, or even freshly baked bread.

Knowing that it isn't the easiest to find in Qatar, the (ILQ) team is here with a list of restaurants (in alphabetical order) that will fulfill all your Moroccan food cravings. And of course, they all give you your Moroccan tea fix!

Argan Moroccan Cuisine

Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
Image Credit: Argan Moroccan Cuisine Restaurant

A place to visit for a rather fine-dining take on Moroccan cuisine! Their Chicken Pastila (meat-stuffed filo pastry) along with Tagine Kofta and the famous Harira Soup are some of their dishes you wouldn't want to miss.

  • Number: +974 7047 3687
  • Timings: 12:30 pm till 2 am
  • Instagram: @argandoha
  • Location: Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli, Souq Waqif
  • Recommended items: Tagine Kofta, Pastila Chicken, Harira Soup

Chhiwat Kawtar Elfassia

Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
Image Credit: Fareeha Imtiaz

Amidst the many eateries packed along Al Nasr street, Elfassia sits on a corner serving some of the freshest Moroccan food. To savour tender pieces of meat cooked to perfection that strikes the right balance of sweetness, try their Beef With Plum. For those who have a preference for chicken, their Roasted Chicken with Daghmira will leave you licking your fingers courtesy, of the onion-based sauce that it is served on. Both dishes come with a serving of freshly baked bread.

    • Number: +974 3345 8558, +974 5516 1699, +974 4427 1163
    • Timings: 10 am till 12 am
    • Instagram: @chhiwatkawtar
    • Location: Mirqab Jadeed
    • Recommended items: Beef with plum, Roasted Chicken with Daghmira

    Fell Ô Yasmine Restaurant

    Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
    Image Credit: Fell Ô Yasmine Restaurant

    A humble home to an assortment of Moroccan dishes that will leave you spoilt for choice. Lamb or Chicken Couscous, Seafood Pasta (Moroccan style), Molokhia (Okra based tagine), and the list goes on with all the items that deserve a taste.

    • Number: +974 7076 7680
    • Timings: 9 am till 1 am
    • Facebook: @felloyasmine
    • Location: Madinat Khalifa
    • Recommended items: Lamb/Chicken Cous Cous, Seafood Pasta, Molokhia

    Marrakech Restaurant

    Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
    Image Credit: Marrakech Restaurant

    Extravagant interiors, intricate woodwork, private seating, and of course delicious Moroccan food; should be reasons enough to head over to Marakkech Restaurant. Aside from the popular classics, their Hamour Fish Tajine and Vegetable Tajine are definitely worth a try.

    • Number: +974 3337 8932, +974 4444 0060
    • Timings: 8 am till 1 am
    • Instagram: @marrakechrest
    • Location: Lagoona Mall, West Bay Lagoon
    • Recommended items: Hamour Fish Tajine, Vegetables Tajine

    Mssamen & Atai

    Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
    Image Credit: Msammen Atai

    A restaurant renowned for its authenticity, Mssamen & Atai serves popular main courses and traditional bites. The Mutton Tagine with Prunes is a must-try classic given the explosive flavours from the juicy meat. To accompany some Moroccan tea, any of the varieties of Msammen (a grilled thin square-shaped flatbread) with a stuffing of your choice will be ideal.

    • Number: +974 3008 5311, +974 4490 7060
    • Timings: 4 pm till 1 am
    • Instagram: @mssamen_atai
    • Location: The Pearl, Qatar
    • Recommended items: Mutton Tagine with Prunes, Assorted Msammen (Cheese, Chicken, and Kofta)

    Tajeen Restaurant

    Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
    Image Credit: Tajeen Restaurant

    Take a mini-trip to Morocco by visiting Tajeen Restaurant; a cozy lounge-like ambiance within the bustling Souq Waqif to savour traditional favourites. Their Lamb Tajine with Prunes has received the appreciation of many and definitely is a must-try.

    • Number: +974 4435 5552, +974 3022 2918, +974 3022 2948
    • Timings: 8 am till 2 am
    • Instagram: @tajeen_restaurant
    • Location: Souq Waqif
    • Recommended items: Lamb Tajine with Prunes

    Twajin Walyly

    Must try Moroccan restaurants in Qatar
    Image Credit: Twajin Walyly

    Simple in appearance but elaborate in flavours! Twajin Walyly gets the flavour quotient right when it comes to the array of authentic dishes they serve. Their Harira Soup and Chicken Tajine are two popular favourites. Would be best to give them a call in advance to confirm the availability of specific dishes at the given time.

    • Number: +974 3021 3082
    • Timings: 10 am till 1 am
    • Instagram: @twajn_walyly
    • Location: Al Najada Street
    • Recommended items: Harira Soup, Chicken Tajine

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    Did you know about these Moroccan restaurants before? Which of these would you be trying out? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!