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Posted On: 18 September 2020 09:57 am
Updated On: 21 October 2020 06:01 am

7 interesting and mouthwatering cheeseburgers to try in Qatar

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Craving for a cheeseburger? There’s definitely no shortage of burger joints in Qatar. According to Zomato, there are at least 200 restaurants serving burgers in Doha. To help you choose from the plethora of options, we rounded up a list of unique cheeseburgers you can try when you’re feeling adventurous or the next time that the burger craving hits you.

    1. Truffle Burger by Umami Burger

    When you can never have too much truffle then this one's for you. A burger covered with truffle on truffle - cheese, aioli, and glaze. Definitely a cheeseburger for the discerning palate. If you're a vegan, try their Impossible Burger.

    2. Katara Icon by U Burger

    A cheese-covered burger for sure looks intriguing and of course, Instagrammable. Too messy to eat? You decide. This extremely cheesy burger topped with molten cheese is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Eating with friends? Try their cheese-covered Sliders Tower which is three burgers stacked on a stick.

    3. Lettuce-wrapped burger by Elevation Burger

      Made of lettuce, organic beef patty, and real cheddar cheese, Elevation Burger’s Lettuce Wrap is perfect for those on a low carb diet or those who don’t like the bun.

      You’re allowed to spruce up your burger with add-ons like jalapenos, bacon, organic egg, sauteed mushrooms, or even guacamole. You’re also free to choose whichever sauce you like from their list.

      4. 420 Burger from Boston Burger

      The most expensive burger on the list is without a doubt big, bold, and packed. Mozzarella sticks, Mini Mac Arancini, Onion Rings, Potato Wedges, Golden Barbecue Sauce and Mixed Cheese. It's gonna be a party in your mouth.

      5. Cheetos on Fire by Burgertory

      This one is for the Flamin Hot Cheetos lovers! The buns are covered with vibrant red crushed Cheetos and inside you'll bite into a chicken patty, more cheetos, lettuce, cheese, and a spicy sauce. Order a sweet drink if you can't take the heat.

      6. Shroom Burger by Shake Shack

      They're probably the most basic on the list, but if you prefer a meat-free option then this will definitely hit the spot. You'll for sure come back again and again for this crisp-fried portobello filled with melted cheddar topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. Just make sure you don't burn your tongue on that first bite!

      7. Camel Burger by Stock Burger Co. Doha

      Feeling adventurous? Try Stock Burger's burger filled with camel patty, hummus, halloumi cheese, zaatar, tomato, onion, Arabic pickles, and lettuce. While camel meat has been consumed for centuries in the Gulf, for many it's still an exotic delicacy. It has lesser fat content than beef too.

      Have you tried any of these cheeseburgers? Do you have more interesting and mouthwatering cheeseburger suggestions? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to share this with your burger-loving friends!