Meet The Team was established in 2008 as a way to promote Qatar both nationally and internationally, and help bridge the gap between the local and expat communities.

Since then, the website has grown rapidly into the ILQ Network, contributing to the launch of some of the nation’s most iconic online brands, including Qatar News, Qatar Events, Dine Out Doha, Mama Baba Ganoush and Q-Tips. 

The driving force behind ILQ is affecting a positive change in Qatar  through the support of charitable and humanitarian achievements. Notable partnerships include Think Pink (a breast cancer awareness campaign), Wear Something Yellow (anti-racism campaign), Beat the Heat (a social campaign to support labourers working in the heat), the Qatar Animal Welfare Society, and the Japan Tsunami Relief Effort. ILQ has also sponsored the building of schools in Africa to improve access to education for marginalized children and youth.

As ILQ continues working hard to make Qatar a better place, we hope that you’ll join us in a being a part of Qatar’s friendliest community. Check out our website and follow us on our social media channels to find out the latest events, breaking news, and everything you need to know about living life in Qatar. 

Khalifa Al Haroon

Our fearless leader is so much more than just your friendly neighbourhood Qatari! As CEO, our very own Mr. Q has been an architect of the community since founding I Love Qatar in 2008. One of Qatar’s most forward-thinking young entrepreneurs, Khalifa is the face of the ILQ brand and changing the world through community outreach is his passion. Click here to learn more about the ILQ network.

Ashlee Starratt

Ashlee is our Chief Editor. She brings with her nearly a decade of experience across broadcast, digital and print media in Canada and the GCC, leading some of Qatar’s top events and lifestyle publications. A content generator and seasoned storyteller, writing, and managing an editorial team is in her DNA.

Leena Chung

Leena is our Relationship Manager. From admin, to finance, to HR, there’s no task too big for her to tackle. Born and raised in Gangnam, South Korea, (Oh yes, Leena’s Gangnam-style!), she studied in Canada and Switzerland before coming to Qatar to embrace the desert! Leena hopes to build cultural bridges between the Qatar and South Korean communities.

Angel Polacco

Angel is our Content Manager. She’s an alumna from Northwestern University in Qatar and has lived in Doha for almost 10 years! Angel loves to cover a wide range of topics when it comes to writing stories. Her passion lies in writing articles that people can relate to – particularly human interest stories. She loves fashion, is a huge foodie, and is quick to accept a challenge!

Darren Martinez

Darren is our Multimedia Producer. A videographer extraordinaire, if it has to do with graphics, photography, or video, he’s there on the ground to script, shoot, and edit. Hailing from the Philippines, Darren has been living in Qatar since 2010. He loves learning about different cultures and enjoys Qatar’s diversity.

Zhan Temerkhanov

Zhan is our Head of Business Development. He’s been involved in many projects, business ventures, and events since 2006. Always supportive, he’s always glad to initiate new business ideas, partnerships, and collaborations. He loves art, music, and playing the guitar.

Abdullah Amir

Abdullah is our amazing Administrative Assistant at ILQ. He helps keep our good ship running. He’s currently studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and loves technology, cars, and playing with both. We ask him way too many tech support questions.

Anri Taki

Anri is our Social and Events Manager and she’s here to say ‘Salam’ and ‘Konnichiwa’ to all our ILQers! She comes all the way from Japan (yes, she’s an adventurer!), and has probably been with ILQ the longest. She shares Qatari news and events with our followers, and it’s her goal to make ILQ a part of your life every day so we can all explore Qatar together.

Hamad Al-Amari

Hamad, aka ‘The Qatari Guy’, is our QTip co-host extraordinaire and all-round creative collaborator. He may just be the funniest guy in Qatar, and we’re proud to call him one of the ILQ family. Through his stand-up comedy he’s uniting our community, one joke at a time!

Kim Wyatt

Kim is a Food Editor, the host of our new online food show, and the name behind Mama Baba Ganoush. With a background in media, and experience from London to The Bahamas, Kim has worked with some big name celebs such as Johnny Depp and Victoria Beckham. But food has always been her passion, and with some culinary training she’s now dishing up delicious stories on her favourite subject – and the people who create it!


There’s no one quite like Charlie! He’s our ILQ mascot, keeps us company, and uses his star power for good!