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Posted On: 2 November 2021 12:01 pm
Updated On: 28 September 2022 12:04 pm

Get to know aerial gymnast Bayan Khaled | Your Story | Ep 2

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Our new series 'Your Story' is where we bring to you real stories, experiences, and talents of the people of Qatar. Our aim with this show is to shine the spotlight on these people by showcasing them on our platform.

In our second episode, we feature aerial gymnast - Bayan Khaled!

Watch this inspiring video and get to know all about Bayan's journey, the challenges she faced as an aerial gymnast, and what keeps her going!

Do you know anyone with exceptional talent or who has a beautiful story to share with the people of Qatar? Drop us an email at [email protected], and you could see them featured in our next Your Story!

Check out Bayan's social media channel here:

Instagram: @beerialz