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Will you try scuba diving in Qatar? | Trending In Qatar
Get to know all about scuba diving, its benefits, where can you learn & experience it in Qatar and more here!
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Iconic art pieces to check out at 'Jeff Koons: Lost In America' exhibition!
Take a sneak peek of the amazing art pieces that await you at Qatar Museums' Jeff Koons: Lost In America exhibition!
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Know how this school in Qatar is adopting Game-Based Learning | Trending In Qatar
Watch our video to learn how the International School of London is embracing technology to make students better learners, collaborators, and thinkers!
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Have you tried kitesurfing in Qatar?
Are you into extreme sports? Have you tried kitesurfing in Qatar? Check out more about this awesome sport in the country here!
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Meet the cool skateboarders in Qatar!
What is the skate scene in Qatar and is there a skate park for the public? Get to know that and more in this new episode of Trending in Qatar!
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Check out IAAF Doha 2019!
Click here to watch our video on IAAF Doha 2019!
29 September 2019
Environmental Awareness: What can we do in Qatar?
In celebration of World Plastic Bag Free Day and here's our throwback video during the World Cleanup Day last year!
24 September 2019
Do coloured roads lower the temperature in Qatar?
Watch our video to find out!
29 August 2019
Trending in Qatar: Gaming culture takes Doha by storm!
Watch our kool video and you’ll know what we mean when we tell you the gaming culture is trending in Qatar these days, and it's here to stay!
22 July 2019
Custom-built gaming PCs are trending in Qatar right now!
Watch our awesome video to find out what's trending in Qatar these days!
15 July 2019
Beware of deadly ants in Qatar!
Click here for an informative video content that will give you a quick overview of the ongoing health scare in Qatar—the deadly Samsum Ants!
12 January 2019
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