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Posted On: 5 May 2019 12:30 pm
Updated On: 25 October 2021 11:17 am

#QTip: What is Ghabga and how is it different from Iftar and Suhour?

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Newcomers to various Muslim countries might think that Iftar and Suhour are the only meals up for grabs during Ramadan but there's another one, which goes by the name of "Ghabga", that also needs acknowledgment.

Ghabga is a Holy Month meal which brings people together after Iftar and a few minutes before Suhour. Muslims often gather around the table for Ghabga around 8-10PM.

To know more about Ghabga, click the play button of this video as Mr. Q has a bunch of insightful trivia for us about this lesser-known Ramadan meal!

Also, visit for everything Ramadan-related in Qatar!

Filmed and edited by: Timothy J. Carr