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Posted On: 18 May 2014 12:00 am
Updated On: 25 October 2021 10:57 am

#QTip: What does Wasta mean?

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Wasta means connection. Many people use their relationships and connections to get an advantage in a situation. Sometimes it could be as simple as using a Wasta to get an opportunity, or sometimes it could be to get a premium location for a shop you want to open.

Sadly, many people abuse their wasta to override a system. It's because of this, there are unqualified people in certain jobs (imagine hiring your nephew because your family asked you to because he couldn't get a job anywhere else) or being told there was no room to rent in a mall only to see someone else use their wasta to magically get a space. This has lead to a lot of people complaining about society favoring the rich and powerful and a lack of equal opportunity.

From a simplistic definition of the word though, you could say, that ILQ is your Wasta to finding out about Qatar :)

Wasta isn't something special to Qatar or the Middle East. It's everywhere, however you could say that Arab countries are more open about it.

Remember! "With Great Wasta, Comes Great Responsibility!"

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