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#QTip: Folks, STOP asking Qatari women this question!!!
Trust us...they're tired of hearing it! Click to watch!
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#QTips: Candy and toys from Japan that all Qataris will remember!
How many of the throwbacks do you remember from your childhood in Qatar? Click to watch and find out!
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#OurQatar Untold Stories: #MyFuture
We see many people who grew up in Qatar. Check out another episode of #OurQatar campaign!
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#QTip: 5 struggles of being a Qatari woman!
The struggle is most definitely real sometimes ladies! Click to watch!
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#Qtip: How NOT to sit!
In this episode of #QTips, we share a VERY helpful tip.
23 February 2014
#Qtip: What to do when you've had enough coffee (gahwa)
In this episode of #QTips, we share a VERY helpful tip. Going to a majlis? Want the coffee (gahwa) to stop? Make sure that you drink it and then shake the cup to indicate you'...
15 February 2014
#Qtip: Qatari Men's National Dress
In this episode of #QTips, we answer people's questions about what Qatari's typically wear traditionally. Of course we still wear jeans, shirts, suits, and everything else, th...
2 February 2014
#QTip: Qatari Winter Gear
In this episode of #QTips, we're showing off what the winter gear looks like. Wool thobe, shall, the colors and staying nice and toasty.
26 January 2014
Arab Games 2011 - Qatar - Opening Ceremony
A quick snapshot of the Opening Ceremony of the Arab Games 2011 in Qatar. It was at Aspire. People loved it!
11 December 2011
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