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#QTip: What does Inshallah mean? When is it wrong to say Inshallah?
What does Inshallah mean? What's the right usage of Inshallah? Watch the latest QTip episode to find out what you need to know about "Inshallah."
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#QTip: Do Qataris get paid to go to school? Get free car and land?
Do Qataris get paid to go to school and also get free car, land, house? Find out the answers in this week's episode of #QTips!
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#QTip: How do Qataris keep their thobes clean?
Have you ever wondered how Qataris keep their thobes pristine white? We got the answer for you straight from Mr. Q!
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#QTip: Things to do in Qatar from July to December 2021
Make sure to stay updated on the latest COVID-19 restrictions and follow the precautionary measures when going out of your house!
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#QTip​: How to say 'Goodbye' in Arabic?
Do you know how to say goodbye in Arabic? Watch this episode to learn five phrases you can use!
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#QTip: The funniest moments from our best episodes!
We dare you not to laugh with these epic outtakes! Click here to know how long you can last without LOLLING!
28 October 2018
#QTip: Facts about the rainy season in Qatar
The Qatari Guy is back for another hilarious episode of QTips not to deliver the latest weather report but to give us useful trivias about rain in Qatar!
21 October 2018
#QTip: How to get a driver's license in Qatar
Is it really difficult to get a driver's license in Qatar?! The Qatari Guy is here to answer this ever-baffling question! Click here to know what he has to say!
14 October 2018
#QTip: Different types of Qatar Visas
Which of these diverse VISA selections in Qatar suits your intent of visiting one of the most promising countries on Earth best? There's only one way to find out! Click here!
7 October 2018
#QTip: Places to see on a quick layover in Qatar!
The Qatari guy is back to give us tips on how to make our layover in Doha worth it! Click here to watch the full video!
30 September 2018
#QTip: These traditional festivals take place in Qatar annually!
Let's not forget to observe these annual festivals which gives tribute to Qatar's rich history and heritage! Click here to know five of them as delivered by non-other than you...
23 September 2018
#QTip: All you need to know when attending a Qatari funeral (Part 2)
We're treating you with a follow-up funeral-related QTip from last week! Click here to know what it's about!
16 September 2018
#QTip: All you need to know when attending a Qatari funeral
Learn the Do's and Don'ts of attending one by clicking here!
9 September 2018
#QTip: What is Eidiya and why do kids love it?
Here's another throwback episode of #Qtips from 2018 where Mr. Q and the Qatari Guy talks about Eidiya and why kids love it!
2 September 2018
#QTip: What type of sandals do Qataris wear?
The ultimate Qatari get-up won't be complete without a pair of these!
26 August 2018
#QTip: Four different ways Qatari women wear their hijab!
Let Aisha show you #HowToAbaya. Click here!
19 August 2018
#QTip: What's appropriate for women to wear in Qatar!
In this episode of QTip, Aisha answers questions and talks about what's appropriate wear for women in Qatar. Watch out for the rapid fire questions from Mr. Q.
5 August 2018
#QTip: How to dress like a Qatari? Clothing and accessories for the ultimate look!
Click here to know what completes a traditional Qatari get-up besides a thobe and a ghitra!
29 July 2018
#QTip: What do Qataris wear under their thobes and abayas?
And is it necessary for Qataris to wear something else underneath their traditional dresses? To know the answers to these questions, click here!
22 July 2018
#QTip: How hot does it get to wear a traditional Qatari dress under the extreme summer heat?!
If you think that summer in Qatar is uncomfortable, then you might wanna check out how Mr. Q and Aisha are doing under their traditional get-ups!
15 July 2018
#QTip: How Qataris show respect to elderly people
We all love our adorable grandmas and grandpas! And you'll love them more when you watch this brand-new episode of QTips!
8 July 2018
#QTip: Back to Qatar after studying abroad? Here's how to cope up!
Life abroad is completely different from what we have in Qatar. But what if the foreign influence just won't stop affecting you in every way? Here are some tips from Aisha her...
1 July 2018
#QTip: Do Qatari men really need to always have a pen in their pockets?
Is this thing even necessary for them to carry at all times? Click here to find out!
24 June 2018
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