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#QTip: Folks, STOP asking Qatari women this question!!!
Trust us...they're tired of hearing it! Click to watch!
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#QTips: Candy and toys from Japan that all Qataris will remember!
How many of the throwbacks do you remember from your childhood in Qatar? Click to watch and find out!
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#OurQatar Untold Stories: #MyFuture
We see many people who grew up in Qatar. Check out another episode of #OurQatar campaign!
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#QTip: 5 struggles of being a Qatari woman!
The struggle is most definitely real sometimes ladies! Click to watch!
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Ramadan QTip: Garangao and Eid
It's time to talk a bit about Garangao and Eid!
12 July 2014
Ramadan QTip: Brain vs Stomach
We all do this!
7 July 2014
Ramadan QTip: (Some) Reasons Why We Fast
In this first of our special Ramadan QTips, we share some of the reasons why it's important to fast.
1 July 2014
It's all thanks to you that we passed 2 million views!!! Now we're excited to hit that 10,000 subscribers barrier.
16 June 2014
#QTip: The Majlis 101 - Season Finale
All good things must come to an end! This is just the end of Season 1!
8 June 2014
#QTip: Different ways to say Goodbye in Arabic (and what they mean)
This one is a short QTIP. This time we share the different ways of saying goodbye, what they mean and what their literal translations are.
1 June 2014
#QTip: Order of Respect
In this episode, we share a little bit about who we prioritize.
25 May 2014
#QTip: What does Wasta mean?
It's time to talk Wasta. What's it all about and what does it mean?
18 May 2014
#Qtip: What Qataris eat (Qatari food)
QTip time! Time to learn about some common Qatari food :)
10 May 2014
#QTip: What to bring to a Qatari Wedding
In this episode, we explain what a Qatari wedding is like and answer a common question, "do I bring anything?"
26 April 2014
#QTip: The different ways of saying hello in Arabic (and what they mean)
In this episode of #QTips, we share a few of the different ways we say hello, and what they mean.
20 April 2014
#QTip: The Rule of 3
In this episode of #QTips, it's about doing things in three.
13 April 2014
#QTip: The last piece
In this episode of #QTips, it's about offering the last piece.
6 April 2014
#QTip: The bill fight
In this episode of #QTips, it's about fighting for the bill.
30 March 2014
#QTip 3 interesting facts about Qatari dress
In this episode of #QTips, we share three interesting facts about Qatar clothes.
24 March 2014
#QTip: Late Night Calls
In this episode of #QTips, we answer a question on calling at night.
15 March 2014
#QTip: How Qataris Kiss!
In this episode of #QTips, we answer an important one about kissing. Let's set this straight first. This is for guys and you wouldn't do this between a male and female.
9 March 2014
#Qtip: Shaking hands with the opposite sex
In this episode of #QTips, we answer a common question about hand shaking. Should I shake hands with someone of the opposite sex?
1 March 2014
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