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#QTip: Qatari traditional handicrafts you need to know about
Are you familiar with the local handicrafts you can find in Qatar? Find out more about these traditional arts and crafts by hitting the play button!
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#QTip: What are the traditional games played in Qatar?
Have you experienced or tried playing one of these games? Watch the latest episode of QTips and let us know what do you call these traditional games!
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#QTip: What are some antique items you can still find in Qatar?
Have you seen these items in Qatar? Have you used them? Watch the latest episode of QTips!
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#QTip​: How to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan
How can you stay healthy in Ramadan​ and not gain weight? Mr. Q has some cool tips for you in this latest episode of QTips​!
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#QTip: Who decides the actual day Ramadan starts and ends?
You asked, we answered! Who is the Crescent Sighting Committee and how do they decide the start and end of the holy month of Ramadan?
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#QTip: Interesting facts about Bangladeshi community in Qatar
Yes, It's Bangladesh this week!
28 July 2019
#QTip: Interesting facts about Turkish community in Qatar
This week, Mr.Q talks about the Turkish community in Qatar!
21 July 2019
#QTip: Interesting facts about Pakistani community in Qatar
Here's another throwback episode of #Qtips where Mr. Q shares interesting facts about the Pakistani community in Qatar!
14 July 2019
#QTip: Interesting facts about Indian community in Qatar
Here's a throwback episode of #Qtips where Mr. Q shares interesting facts about the Indian community in Qatar! Happy Independence Day to all our Indian friends!
7 July 2019
#QTip Throwback: What to do when you've had enough Gahwa - Arabic Coffee
QTip started in 2014 and we've got a throwback moment for you!
30 June 2019
#QTip: How to pronounce Qatar properly
Do you really know how to pronounce "Qatar" properly? Let's find out!
23 June 2019
#QTip: Interesting facts about Filipino Community in Qatar
We've got a very special episode today!
16 June 2019
#QTip: Misconceptions about Qatar by expats
Did you have any misconceptions about Qatar before moving here?
9 June 2019
#QTip: Eid greatest hits!
Still got a lot of questions about Eid? Get your answers here by watching this Qtip throwback episode!
2 June 2019
#QTip: Most common Ramadan dishes in Qatar
Make sure that you're done fasting when you watch this QTip episode! Don't tell us we didn't warn you!
26 May 2019
#QTip: What is the Qatari kebab?
Who doesn't love the thought of having kebab in your plate during Iftar, Ghabga, and Suhour? We all do, right? Well, if you're one of us, then click here to watch this latest...
19 May 2019
#QTip: Top 5 Ramadan sweet drinks!
Iftar and Suhour won't be as fun and memorable without these traditional sweet drinks! Get to know them one by one by clicking here!
12 May 2019
#QTip: What is Ghabga and how is it different from Iftar and Suhour?
ILQers! Did you know that there's another Ramadan meal that isn't called Iftar and Suhour?! You heard it right! Click here to know more about "Ghabga"!
5 May 2019
#QTip: Do you know what these Arab hand gestures mean?
If you're wondering what an upward semi-closed fist means, then you're in the right place! Click here to familiarize yourself with the five most commonly used Arab hand gestur...
28 April 2019
#QTip: How to make Arabic coffee (gahwa) the traditional Qatari way!
WE ARE BACK after a short break and we have a really special episode of Qtip today which we know you’ll really enjoy. Watch the video for more!
21 April 2019
#QTip: We're looking for a new female host!
You might just be the one that we're looking for! Click here for the qualifications!
20 January 2019
#QTip: A tour inside the Al Enna winter camp in Qatar!
This development project located at Sealine is the place to go if you want to enjoy winter in Qatar! Click here to have an idea on what to see inside!
30 December 2018
#QTip: You won’t believe these Guiness World Records were set in Qatar!
Click here if you're curious how well the State of Qatar is performing in the World Records game!
23 December 2018
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