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#QTip: Five weird Arabic sounds and what they mean
In this week's episode, Mr. Q explains what are the top 5 weird Arabic sounds and what they mean!
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#QTip: The true order of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Watch the video to find out about the true order of RESPECT in Qatari culture!
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#QTip: The Rule of Three
Watch this video to find out why the number three (3) is a magic number!
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#QTip: Do we tip in Qatar?
Do Qataris tip? Find out the answer by watching this week's QTip episode!
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#QTip: Right is Right!
Watch the video to find out why the right is right in this week's #QTip episode!
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#QTip: What is Ghabga and how is it different from Iftar and Suhour?
ILQers! Did you know that there's another Ramadan meal that isn't called Iftar and Suhour?! You heard it right! Click here to know more about "Ghabga"!
5 May 2019
#QTip: Do you know what these Arab hand gestures mean?
If you're wondering what an upward semi-closed fist means, then you're in the right place! Click here to familiarize yourself with the five most commonly used Arab hand gestur...
28 April 2019
#QTip: How to make Arabic coffee (gahwa) the traditional Qatari way!
WE ARE BACK after a short break and we have a really special episode of Qtip today which we know you’ll really enjoy. Watch the video for more!
21 April 2019
#QTip: We're looking for a new female host!
You might just be the one that we're looking for! Click here for the qualifications!
20 January 2019
#QTip: A tour inside the Al Enna winter camp in Qatar!
This development project located at Sealine is the place to go if you want to enjoy winter in Qatar! Click here to have an idea on what to see inside!
30 December 2018
#QTip: You won’t believe these Guiness World Records were set in Qatar!
Click here if you're curious how well the State of Qatar is performing in the World Records game!
23 December 2018
#QTip: Pearl divers in Qatar—how do they survive?!
Any idea, ILQers? We're sure you're as curious as us! Click here to find out the answer to this yet another interesting QTips episode!
16 December 2018
#QTip: What are these big tents in Qatar for?
Ever wondered why most Qataris love spending time inside a big tent? To know five fun reasons, click here!
9 December 2018
#QTip: All you need to know about dhows in Qatar
We're sure you're keen to know how much a dhow costs and how long does it take to build one. We've got the answers for you so click here!
2 December 2018
#QTip: Why do Qataris prefer their cars white?
Have you ever looked around and wondered why every other car in Qatar is white or in a shade of white? Click here to know the answer!
18 November 2018
#QTip: What does 'Sheikh' mean and when is it okay to use it?
Is it a name for Qataris or what? Click here to know the answer!
11 November 2018
#QTip: Do people in Qatar celebrate Halloween?
Ever wondered why some expats in Qatar are hesitant to put up costume parties for the spooky season! We have the answer and you can access it when you click HERE!
4 November 2018
#QTip: The funniest moments from our best episodes!
We dare you not to laugh with these epic outtakes! Click here to know how long you can last without LOLLING!
28 October 2018
#QTip: Facts about the rainy season in Qatar
The Qatari Guy is back for another hilarious episode of QTips not to deliver the latest weather report but to give us useful trivias about rain in Qatar!
21 October 2018
#QTip: How to get a driver's license in Qatar
Is it really difficult to get a driver's license in Qatar?! The Qatari Guy is here to answer this ever-baffling question! Click here to know what he has to say!
14 October 2018
#QTip: Different types of Qatar Visas
Which of these diverse VISA selections in Qatar suits your intent of visiting one of the most promising countries on Earth best? There's only one way to find out! Click here!
7 October 2018
#QTip: Places to see on a quick layover in Qatar!
The Qatari guy is back to give us tips on how to make our layover in Doha worth it! Click here to watch the full video!
30 September 2018
#QTip: These traditional festivals take place in Qatar annually!
Let's not forget to observe these annual festivals which gives tribute to Qatar's rich history and heritage! Click here to know five of them as delivered by non-other than you...
23 September 2018
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