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Get to see the cute duo, notice their daily activities, and what they love to do at the Panda House Park!
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Check out what awaits you at the newly opened FBQ Car Museum!
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Watch the video to see endangered turtles make their way to the ocean!
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Here's a list of extreme adventures to try out on land, air, and sea for your dose of thrill in Qatar!
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Planning to visit Doha and looking for budget-friendly options? Here are some of the sights where you don't have to pay any entrance fee!
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qatar guide
Check out public hygiene violation fines in Qatar!
It is important for us to know the laws of the country we are living in!
19 June 2019
Angry Birds World Outdoor Park opening soon
Fun is getting bigger and bolder as Angry Birds World – Outdoor Park is opening soon with crazy rides for the whole family. Watch the video to have a sneak peek!
21 April 2019
How big is Qatar?!
We're back with another informative episode of Qatar Guide! For this one, we're answering a myth—is Qatar a small or big country?
31 March 2019
How to recycle paper in Qatar
Getting rid of solid waste such as unnecessary paper doesn't come as easy as it sounds. For an idea on how to recycle them, click here!
30 March 2019
Video tour of The National Museum of Qatar
Click here for your first look!
27 March 2019
All you need to know about license plates in Qatar
Curious about the meaning of the various colours and sizes of plate numbers in Qatar? Click here to clear your doubts!
24 February 2019
All you need to know about Qatar's Grand State Mosque!
Click here for a close encounter of one of Qatar's most iconic religious structures!
9 February 2019
Orry the Oryx: Meet the mascot of Doha
If you have been to the Corniche, you couldn't have helped but notice a massive figure, holding a torch and dressed in gym shorts. Click here to know more!
26 January 2019
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