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You may have seen or will see some women in Qatar wearing a metallic face covering. In this episode, find out what you need to know about the batoola!
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Have you tried gahwa and Karak in Qatar? Hit the play button to find out more about these beloved drinks and beverages in Qatar!
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In this episode, Mr Q talks about personal space and queue etiquette. Watch to find out why you'll notice some people leave a gap!
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Have you noticed that some Qataris have tassels on their igal, which is the black rope on top of their headscarf? Find out more about it here!
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The black robe given to Messi went trending worldwide after the Qatar World Cup 2022 final. Find out all about it here!
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q tips
#QTip: What's appropriate for women to wear in Qatar!
In this episode of QTip, Aisha answers questions and talks about what's appropriate wear for women in Qatar. Watch out for the rapid fire questions from Mr. Q.
5 August 2018
#QTip: How to dress like a Qatari? Clothing and accessories for the ultimate look!
Click here to know what completes a traditional Qatari get-up besides a thobe and a ghitra!
29 July 2018
#QTip: What do Qataris wear under their thobes and abayas?
And is it necessary for Qataris to wear something else underneath their traditional dresses? To know the answers to these questions, click here!
22 July 2018
#QTip: How hot does it get to wear a traditional Qatari dress under the extreme summer heat?!
If you think that summer in Qatar is uncomfortable, then you might wanna check out how Mr. Q and Aisha are doing under their traditional get-ups!
15 July 2018
#QTip: How Qataris show respect to elderly people
We all love our adorable grandmas and grandpas! And you'll love them more when you watch this brand-new episode of QTips!
8 July 2018
#QTip: Back to Qatar after studying abroad? Here's how to cope up!
Life abroad is completely different from what we have in Qatar. But what if the foreign influence just won't stop affecting you in every way? Here are some tips from Aisha her...
1 July 2018
#QTip: Do Qatari men really need to always have a pen in their pockets?
Is this thing even necessary for them to carry at all times? Click here to find out!
24 June 2018
#QTip: Studying abroad? Follow these five survival tips!
Have plans of studying overseas? Aisha is to the rescue!
17 June 2018
#QTip: When is it okay to break your fast during Ramadan?
As they say, there's always an exception to the rule. Click here to find out when it's alright not to fast during the Holy Month!
10 June 2018
#QTip: How to pronounce 'Ramadan' properly!
Is it Ra-Meh-Dhan, Ir-Ma-Dhan, or Ran-Ma-Dam? Find out the answer by clicking here!
3 June 2018
#QTip: Men should always do this during Ramadan!
Click to watch what men should do during Ramadan!
27 May 2018
QTip: How to keep your cool while on the road during Ramadan!
Whether you're fasting or not, you can avoid potential accidents on the road if you will just follow this QTip by Mr. Q!
20 May 2018
QTip: All you need to know about Qatar's labor law!
Sunday is QTips day! And Mr. Q is back with yet another informative episode! Click here to watch!
13 May 2018
#QTip: How to reject Gahwa -- the Arabic coffee -- politely?
It's time to shake off your Sunday with Mr. Q on this latest episode of #QTips! Click here to watch!
6 May 2018
#QTip: How to deal with taxis in Qatar
Mr. Q is back to give us -- you guessed it right! -- taxi tips! We know you guys can relate! Click here for the full video!
29 April 2018
#QTip: Why do Qataris have tassels on their Igal?
Open the brand new week with another cool Qatari culture fact. Click here to find out the answer to above's question!
22 April 2018
#QTip: Don’t watch this blooper episode at work or else you'll LOL!
Oh come on, it's okay to commit mistakes -- especially if they're this funny! This might be the most hilarious thing you'll watch all day! Click here!
15 April 2018
#QTip: Qatari dining etiquette
Mr. Q got us covered -- as always! Click here to find out what he has in stored for us this time!
8 April 2018
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