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The sculpture "Still Sprint" won the WISH Plastic Art competition adults division. Get to know the team behind the piece and their inspiration.
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Watch our video and learn how Bekita Ahmad started gardening, her challenges with beekeeping in Qatar & her message for aspiring beekeepers.
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Keara loves gardening & derives joy from it. In this 'Live Green', find out more about this student in Qatar who has found her passion in gardening.
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Pick strawberries, harvest fresh vegetables, feed the animals, stroll around the lush-green farm and more by visiting North Sedra Farm this weekend!
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Find out what QGBC does to make Qatar green and sustainable, and how to participate in its Qatar Sustainability Week activities and events.
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live green
Want to start your own garden in Qatar for just QR 2?
Click to watch as Mama Baba Ganoush visits one of Qatar’s hidden gems – the Government Plant Nursery – for some bargains as we go green in this week’s episode!
21 February 2018
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