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The ILQ Test Drive: Is one hour enough to fit this 1 meter-long sandwich inside our stomach?!
It's another FUN food episode for The ILQ Test Drive! And this time, it's human vs. a giant sandwich! Click here to witness the face-off of the year!
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The ILQ Test Drive: Expats guess the meaning of foreign words!
How many languages can you speak? Refresh your foreign language skills by watching this hilarious Test Drive episode by clicking here!
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The ILQ Test Drive: Let's get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup!
The ILQ team tried playing finger football! Click here to watch how well they performed!
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Kids share their food during Ramadan
In this week's ILQ Test Drive brings you a special Ramadan episode, where kids share homemade food with their friends. Let’s see how kids react to eating a different kind of food for the first time!
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Non-Muslims in Qatar try fasting for a day!
Will ILQ's non-Muslim staff survive a regular working day without water and food? Find out by clicking here!
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Boys vs. girls: How to use Japanese products (A DIY facelift and more!)
It’s a showdown between the ILQ girls and boys as we try to figure out how to use these funky Japanese products from Daiso! Have you ever been to Daiso?
14 November 2017
War of the Words: English language showdown!
In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, the team has an English language showdown! No, English isn’t the same in every country - watch our video now!
7 November 2017
WE TRIED BRITISH SNACKS! (Jaffa Cakes and more!!)
Did someone say Jaffa Cakes? Marmite?? That’s right! We tried British snacks in the latest episode of Test Drive! Will we be disgusted or amazed? Watch the video to find out!...
31 October 2017
DIY Japanese Candy-Sushi??? (and Toilet drinks)
Even we don't know what we tried. These were as weird as they sound. Let us know what you think of our reactions
24 October 2017
You Laugh, You Lose: The ILQ Edition
The ILQ Test Drive is back! And this time, NO LAUGHING! We tried out the “You Laugh, You Lose” challenge, which means we cracked bad jokes and tried not to laugh. It’s a lot h...
17 October 2017
Australian snacks: Omg, we ate kangaroo and emu!?!?
In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, the team tries snacks from Australia, mate! Crikey, we actually tried kangaroo, emu, and Australia’s most iconic product, vegemite.
10 October 2017
We're 'BUGGING' out over these bizarre Korean snacks!!!
We're huge fans of Korean cuisine here on the ILQ Test Drive, and in this week's episode we taste test some especially freaky finds! Give us a click to watch, and don't forget...
3 October 2017
Going Maritime with snacks from Nova Scotia, Canada!
In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, we try snacks from Nova Scotia! What do you think is on the menu for this episode? Watch and find out!
27 September 2017
Obrigado Brazil! Trying food from the land of Carnival!
In this week's episode of the ILQ Test Drive, we try food from Brazil! This episode is specially sponsored by Marriott Marquis City Center! We're also giving away a dinner for...
19 September 2017
Trying the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge in Qatar!
In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, we take on the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge! This Test Drive is specially sponsored by Virgin Megastore. How do you think we did without mirrors?! W...
12 September 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Don’t wake up the Bad Dog!
In this week’s episode, The ILQ Test Drive plays the Bad Dog game! Try not to wake the sleeping dog! Find out more in our video!
11 July 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] The Whole Shabang: They love eating this in PRISON!
In our newest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try prison chips! These are actually served to prisoners in the United States! The prisoners love them so much, they want to go...
4 July 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Did you know these products are #MadeInQatar ?
The ILQ Test Drive tries Qatari products! Most of the world thinks that we’re facing a food shortage due to the current diplomatic sanctions. I think our latest Test Drive pro...
20 June 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Get ready to lose your appetite! Watch, if you dare!
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try Taiwanese snacks! Get ready to watch our most daring Test Drive yet! PS: We love Taiwan!
14 June 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Flavored popcorn face-off
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try flavored popcorn! This episode is brought to you by Virgin Megastore! We also have a competition in partnership with Virgin!...
7 June 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Got camel milk?
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try camel milk, a cultural specialty in the Middle East! Have you tried camel milk before? What did you think?
30 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Are fidget spinners worth the hype?
In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive we try out the trendy toy: the fidget spinner! Try to balance and spin it at the same time, we dare you! You can find them at Carre...
24 May 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] Kit Kat: The Japanese Edition!
You know how the slogan goes… “have a break, have a Kit Kat!” In the latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive, we try out Japanese Kit Kat! Watch the video to find out what they’r...
16 May 2017
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