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Posted On: 18 January 2019 12:39 pm
Updated On: 27 January 2019 04:01 pm

Top 5 localized party card games that Qataris love to play!

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Qatar is made up of gamers of every kind, and not many people know about this fact.

Experts say that there were more than 100 different games in ancient Qatar played by both children and adults.

The amount of creative minds that we have in this part of the world is more than enough to notice the quickly-emerging trend when it comes to party and collaborative games worldwide—thus the birth of these five localized games which all ages (0 onwards) can play even with their eyes closed!

Watch this video to know which Top 5 Americanized party card games made their way to Qatar and to the hearts of Qatari gamers!

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Edited by: Rafael Manuel Jr.