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Watch the video to know all the cool things in store for you at the brand new 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum Gift Shop & Café!
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Are you looking for a new car that has a good price and all the latest features? Check out this video as Mr. Q talks about the new Geely Okavango!
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Watch this video and recap what happened through 2021 in Qatar!
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Purchase items and collectibles by renowned artists and designers like Jeff Koons & Christian Dior from the IN-Q Gift Shop!
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Watch and listen to this year's Qatar National Day song brought to you by Qatar Tourism!
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FREE Ramadan tents in Qatar!
Ramadan is the month of giving back and these Iftar tents scattered around Qatar are doing the job just right by being open for everyone! Click here to watch the full video!
28 May 2019
Ramadan Markets in Doha: Shopping, entertainment and so much more!
Still need to do your Eid shopping? Look no further! Watch the video and check out the different Ramadan Markets in Doha this year. We guarantee you'll find lots of things to...
21 May 2019
Ansar Gallery offers free food to the needy people
Ansar Gallery is making food available to the needy through the Free Food Stands initiative. Check out the video and lend a helping hand to the needy people.
21 May 2019
What is Garangao and why are kids excited for it?
The 14th night of Ramadan is happening in a few hours meaning it's every Muslim kid's favourite night of the Holy Month once again—Garangao! Click here to have a basic idea of...
19 May 2019
What happens to your body when you fast during Ramadan?
We're not even halfway through Ramadan, how's your fasting going like? Know the health benefits of eating and drinking nothing during the holy month!
10 May 2019
Doha Metro excites commuters with first ever ride!
Join us on our first look inside Doha Metro by clicking the PLAY button NOW!
8 May 2019
Full body massage for pregnant ladies in Qatar by Mondrian Hotel's ESPA!
Click here for a glimpse of yet another one-of-a-kind full body massage treatment in the Middle East!
2 May 2019
Hot air balloon rides are now a thing in Qatar!
Believe your eyes! What you're seeing right now is the first-ever hot air balloon flying over Doha! Click here to watch the full video!
23 April 2019
Alwadi Hotel Doha MGallery offers ultimate hospitality and relaxation experience
Immerse yourself in the essence of Qatari Hospitality and discover the cultured blend of Qatari heritage and contemporary design creating endless memorable moments at the Alwa...
20 April 2019
Top five attractions at the National Museum of Qatar
Watch our Top 5 video and learn all about the 5 must visit attractions at Qatar's newest iconic landmark - National Museum of Qatar.
19 April 2019
Enjoy an exquisite Indian dining experience at Riyasat by The St. Regis Doha
Watch this mouthwatering video and drive on down to The St. Regis Doha to enjoy some authentic Indian cuisine that's fit for a royal at its exquisite Riyasat restaurant.
17 April 2019
Treating sewage water in Qatar
Click here to know how the State of Qatar addresses the issue of wastewater management!
6 April 2019
Chevrolet Silverado High Country: Your trusted companion wherever you go in Qatar
Looking for a good companion? Check out the video and learn why the Silverado will make the perfect companion!
19 March 2019
Plastic bags pollution in Qatar
Have you ever wondered why should we minimise our plastic bags waste? Watch the video to get the answer!
19 March 2019
What is the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra?
How much do you about the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra? Watch the video to know some interesting facts about them!
18 March 2019
KidZania Doha: A sneak peek of the real city run by kids
Watch the video and take a sneak peek into KidZania with us to get an idea of what you & your kids can look forward to.
10 March 2019
Ali Almoez co-pilots with Nasser Al Attiyah
AFC champion Ali Almoez gets off-road with Rally Champion Nasser Al Attiyah!
9 March 2019
Beach cleanup at Azerbaijani Beach in Qatar
To learn more about beach cleanups, why they are necessary and why we should stop littering, watch this video.
9 March 2019
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