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Watch the video to know all the cool things in store for you at the brand new 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum Gift Shop & Café!
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Are you looking for a new car that has a good price and all the latest features? Check out this video as Mr. Q talks about the new Geely Okavango!
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Watch this video and recap what happened through 2021 in Qatar!
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Purchase items and collectibles by renowned artists and designers like Jeff Koons & Christian Dior from the IN-Q Gift Shop!
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Watch and listen to this year's Qatar National Day song brought to you by Qatar Tourism!
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Are you ready for the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™?
Watch this video to know about the upcoming 16th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup™!
10 December 2019
What is mental health and how we can look after ourselves
Watch this video to understand more about mental health and what we can do to cope with the stresses in life.
25 November 2019
National Anthem of Iraq sung by community members in Qatar
Click here to watch this amazing video!
25 November 2019
Karaana Lagoon reclamation and rehabilitation project to protect Qatar’s environment
Watch the video to know how the Karaana Lagoon is protecting Qatar's environment.
17 November 2019
Barely Bare Makeup
Watch the tips and tricks in the Barely Bare Makeup tutorial by Faces Qatar and create the perfect natural look.
12 November 2019
Seafood Bucket at The Noodle House
Click here to know more about the Seafood Bucket at The Noodle House!
10 November 2019
How is Qatar gearing for smart cities
Let’s check out the video to know more about smart cities initiatives in Qatar.
1 November 2019
Book Hunting activity for children in Qatar?
Did you know children can hunt books at different parks? Watch the video to get to know more about this!
26 October 2019
Donate your hair for a cause
A wig can give self-confidence and strength to someone struggling with the challenges of cancer-related hair loss. We hope our video inspires you to do the same!
19 October 2019
"Hello Brother" by Dana Al Fardan and Shuaib is out!
Another amazing song is out, check this awesome collaboration!
21 September 2019
What happens when Mr. Q is hungry?
Want to know what Mr. Q does when he can't find any food in his fridge? Watch the video and find out!
11 September 2019
Feeling the Love in Qatar by Marshmello
Marshmallow posted a video of his tour in Qatar! Check it out!
30 July 2019
Keep your kids busy at the Mall of Qatar Kids Summer Camp
Tired of trying to keep your kids busy at home during the holidays? Running out of ideas to keep then entertained? Watch our video and enrol them at the MoQ Kids Summer Camp!
24 July 2019
Can you really fry an egg in the summer heat in Qatar?
Check out our fun mythbusting video and see if it's hot enough in Qatar to fry an egg under the sun!
2 July 2019
Qatar since the blockade!
What's happened since the blockade started against Qatar on 5 June 2017? Watch the video to find out!
10 June 2019
Eid is tomorrow June 4th, 2019! Eid Mubarak Everyone!
The ILQ Team wishes everyone, Eid Mubarak!
3 June 2019
A new Qatari perfume you have to try!
Did you know you can order your own customised perfume here in Qatar? Yes, you heard it right! Watch the video to get to know more!
2 June 2019
Filipino community in Qatar conducts Iftar Drive 2019!
Watch the video and see how the Filipino community in Doha got together to spread their love and show their fellow Muslim comrades they are with them while they fast!
31 May 2019
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