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Qatar receives World Cup mantle from Russia!
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, July 15 handed over the mantle of World Cup host to the Emir of Qatar. Congratulations Qatar!
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Top 5 items that you can buy at SEC 2018's souq area!
The 140+ retail outlets at the massive DECC prove that there are more to just rides and attractions for Summer Entertainment City 2018!
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Top 5 Al Khor summer destinations!
Where are you off to this weekend? Why not go on a road trip to Al Khor? The attractions are endless!
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For You - Tamim Al Majd: A song dedicated by Dana Al-Haroon
Dana Al-Haroon, a young Qatari girl dedicated a song for the Emir of Qatar to express her love and solidarity with the Emir!
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Come to Vine at St.Regis to watch the World Cup 2018!
The game is still on! Check out Vine to watch World Cup 2018.
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Reclaim your sense of wellbeing – join the Fitness Center at the Shangri-La Hotel, Doha!
With plenty of fitness and restful options to keep you going throughout the year, the Fitness Center at the Shangri-La Hotel, Doha will transform both your body and your life!...
22 April 2018
Top 5 must-try extreme rides at Entertainment World Village Qatar!
Are you brave enough to take on the challenge of trying out these death-defying rides? Click here to watch the full video!
21 April 2018
Top 5 restaurants at the Hamad International Airport!
Which dining spots made the cut? Click here to find out!
14 April 2018
Car safety tips for summer!
Beat the heat: Here are some tips to keep in mind in order for your car to survive Qatar's over-the-top summer season!
11 April 2018
Traffic control drones in Qatar?
A drone monitoring traffic? How cool is this?
7 April 2018
Top 5 blockbusters showing in Qatar this month!
Are your IMAX 4D glasses ready for these grand movie events dominating Doha theaters soon? Click below to know if your favorite made the cut!
7 April 2018
Top 5 Water Activities in Qatar
It is time to enjoy water activities in Qatar!
31 March 2018
Desert driving? Make it a breeze with the Chevrolet Silverado 2018!
Watch our video to see more!
18 March 2018
How To Build A Drift Car
Learn the essential ingredients needed to build a drift car!
20 February 2018
Can we survive the climb to the 51st floor of The Torch Doha?
Click to watch as we test our endurance this Qatar National Sport Day!
13 February 2018
Mondrian Doha: You’ve never seen a hotel like this before!
Click to watch and see for yourself!
12 February 2018
Musicians in Doha offer musical tribute to The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan
Performers at the Sheraton Grand Doha’s The Backyard venue raised their voices in song to one of Ireland’s most beloved names in music. Click to watch.
9 February 2018
#OurQatar Untold Stories: #Opportunity
Qatar is a country with many opportunities! We're back with another #OurQatar episode -- our tribute to this country we all call home! Click to watch and find out how to submi...
21 January 2018
Here's how to spend 24 hours at Hamad International Airport!
So much more than just your gateway to the world, HIA Qatar has some pretty awesome surprises in store for travellers! Click to watch.
18 January 2018
#OurQatar Untold Stories: #WeAreQatar
We see many people who grew up in Qatar. Check out another episode of #OurQatar campaign!
13 January 2018
The countdown to the 2018 Color Run is now on!
The Happiest 5K on the Planet is back for the 4th year running -- literally! Tickets are going fast for The Color Run Presented by Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First as registra...
10 January 2018
#OurQatar Untold Stories: #SafeCountry
We're back with another #OurQatar episode -- our tribute to this country we all call home! Click to watch and find out how to submit your own clip!
6 January 2018
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