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Top 5 selfie spots in Qatar!
We strolled around Doha to look for the Top 5 prettiest selfie spots and we stumbled upon these landmarks—which are found inside major malls in the capital! Click here to know which
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Enjoy Doha's scenic landscape in Jass Manak's latest video 'Suit Punjabi'!!!
It looks like Qatar is fast becoming the latest backdrop for Punjabi songs. Watch the video, listen to the finger-tapping lyrics and see how many Doha locations you can recognise in the video.
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Top 5 traditional cafes in Qatar!
Tired of franchise cafes? Why not give these 100% Qatari coffee spots a try? Click here to know our top picks!
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Qatar approves permanent residency for expats!
Good news for the expats in Qatar! You can obtain permanent residency permit (PRP) of Qatar under certain rules and conditions.
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No need for exit permits in Qatar!
Exit permit is not required anymore for expats? Watch this video for more information!
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Top 5 items that you can buy at SEC 2018's souq area!
The 140+ retail outlets at the massive DECC prove that there are more to just rides and attractions for Summer Entertainment City 2018!
14 July 2018
Top 5 Al Khor summer destinations!
Where are you off to this weekend? Why not go on a road trip to Al Khor? The attractions are endless!
7 July 2018
For You - Tamim Al Majd: A song dedicated by Dana Al-Haroon
Dana Al-Haroon, a young Qatari girl dedicated a song for the Emir of Qatar to express her love and solidarity with the Emir!
5 July 2018
Come to Vine at St.Regis to watch the World Cup 2018!
The game is still on! Check out Vine to watch World Cup 2018.
2 July 2018
Watch the World Cup 2018 live at LaLiga Lounge
If you're looking for the best place to watch the World Cup 2018 Russia matches live, then LaLiga Lounge is the place to be.
1 July 2018
Top 5 unique and worth-checking out attractions at Summer Entertainment City 2018!
There's a reason why this year's SEC is the biggest ever! Click here to know why!
23 June 2018
How about Istanbul for your holiday?
Where are you travelling during this eid?
16 June 2018
Dana Al Fardan - One Nation, A Year Later
Well-known Qatari music composer Dana Al Fardan is back with a fresh version of her song 'One Nation.
6 June 2018
One Year after the Blockade: 'We are United, We are Stronger'
It has been one year since the blockade happened. What has been changed? Click here to watch the video.
5 June 2018
World's first-ever Angry Birds World opens at Doha Festival City!
We had a first look at the world's first-ever Angry Birds World at Doha Festival City! Inspired by the gameplay, the park aims to offer you a heart-pounding experience! Click...
3 June 2018
Flavors of Ramadan at Doha Marriott Hotel!
Doha Marriott Hotel offers a sumptuous buffet featuring all the favorite picks for Ramadan. Click to watch the video!
23 May 2018
Traveling with kids? Let your family experience the ultimate comfort at Hamad International airport!
Hamad International Airport (HIA) is the perfect family-friendly flying venue, providing ultimate comfort and a stress-free traveling experience with your little ones. Check o...
16 May 2018
Top 5 restaurants offering Boodle Fight options in Qatar!
Click here to watch the video and discover whether your favorite Southeast Asian restaurant made the cut!
12 May 2018
Top 5 non-beach summer destinations outside of Doha!
Where are you planning to head out now that the summer season has officially began in Qatar? For road trip suggestions, click here!
5 May 2018
Top 5 bookstores in Qatar!
These bookshops are surely worth your time -- and money! Check them out by clicking here!
28 April 2018
Mama Baba Ganoush heads over to Al Bidda Park Spring Bazaar!
Click to watch as Mama Baba Ganoush explores all the excitements at Al Bidda Park Spring Bazaar, from delicious food, shopping to kids fun and much more!
25 April 2018
A new island in the pearl?
An incredible new island has risen from the Gulf – alongside the amazing Pearl-Qatar!
23 April 2018
Reclaim your sense of wellbeing – join the Fitness Center at the Shangri-La Hotel, Doha!
With plenty of fitness and restful options to keep you going throughout the year, the Fitness Center at the Shangri-La Hotel, Doha will transform both your body and your life!
22 April 2018
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