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Watch the video to know all the cool things in store for you at the brand new 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum Gift Shop & Café!
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Are you looking for a new car that has a good price and all the latest features? Check out this video as Mr. Q talks about the new Geely Okavango!
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Watch this video and recap what happened through 2021 in Qatar!
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Purchase items and collectibles by renowned artists and designers like Jeff Koons & Christian Dior from the IN-Q Gift Shop!
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Watch and listen to this year's Qatar National Day song brought to you by Qatar Tourism!
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Mr.Q Vlog with the 1st fully electric SUV in Qatar, the E-Tron
Watch Mr. Q test drive this fully electric SUV and check out its features. You'll be amazed at just what it can do without the petrol!
30 October 2020
Saving one stray at a time | Paws Rescue Qatar
Paws Rescue Qatar does some incredible work for the stray animals here in Qatar. Watch our video to see how you can help them in the amazing work that they do!
5 October 2020
Meet this Astrophotographer in Qatar- he does this as a hobby!
Click here to watch our video with an Astrophotographer based in Qatar!
10 September 2020
Mr. Q tests how cool the new Geely Coolray is!
Watch Mr. Q's review on the newly launched Geely Coolray in Qatar.
13 August 2020
National Anthem of Lebanon sung by community members in Qatar
Be sure to check out this video by community members in Qatar in support of Lebanon!
10 August 2020
Beirut Blast: Qatar stands with Lebanon
Check out how Qatar is supporting Lebanon after a massive explosion in Beirut on 4 August.
9 August 2020
Check out Qatar's ranking in The World Competitiveness Yearbook 2020!
Click here to watch the video on Qatar's ranking in the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2020!
1 July 2020
Check out what the ILQ team uses for their skin problems
Watch our 80's style video on the benefits of Bio-oil!
17 June 2020
Cool things to check out at the IN-Q online store!
Click here to check out our top picks from Qatar Museum's IN-Q online store!
14 June 2020
H.H. the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani turns 40!
Let's all wish His Highness the Amir a happy birthday today!
3 June 2020
Birds in Qatar: Free, thriving and enjoying the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions
Watch this video and find out how the birds are reacting to the lockdown!
26 May 2020
Fighting fake news in Qatar: How to spot, report, and stop the spread
Do you know how to spot fake news? Watch this video to find out and how to stop its spread.
7 May 2020
How to safely remove and dispose of gloves
Watch the video below to know how you can safely remove and dispose of gloves
21 April 2020
Hydroponic gardening in Qatar
Click here to watch the video to learn more about Hydroponics system that has a faster growth rate and a larger yield in comparison to a soil garden.
19 February 2020
Here are budget-friendly activities in Qatar to help you get fit!
Looking for ways how to get fit that's easy on the pockets? Watch this video to find out the activities you can easily do!
4 February 2020
Year in review: The biggest stories of 2019 in Qatar!
We look back at the top stories of 2019, as we look ahead into the next year. Click here to watch the full video!
31 December 2019
Qatar National Anthem sung by community members
Watch this amazing video of the Qatar National Anthem sung by Qatar community members!
17 December 2019
Freiha Beach Cleanup with Sheikha Al Mayassa
Watch this environment friendly video to know more about DEAP Qatar's Freiha Beach cleanup and be part of the next one!
10 December 2019
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