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Posted On: 25 November 2019 01:24 pm
Updated On: 26 October 2021 10:09 am

National Anthem of Iraq sung by community members in Qatar

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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After posting their first video on supporting Sudan (click here for the video) these awesome singers are back with another heart touching video singing the National Anthem of Iraq!

Let's applaud them for their efforts in creating music videos that talk about important world issues!

Sang by these talented singers from across the world!
🇮🇶 Ayman Waseem (@Aws_15)

🇶🇦 Aisha al Ziani (@Aishaaa505)

🇲🇦 Fares Dehbi (@Dehbi_123)

🇸🇾 Nesma Emad (@Nesmabinte-)

🇸🇩 Abdullah Kheiry (@Aboodkheiry)

🇵🇸 Abood Selmy (@Lens_Curiosity_Studio)

🇱🇧 Mira Al Bast (@Mira.albast)

Violin and piano by 🎻🎹 :
🇰🇷 Jueun Choi ( @itsjueun )

Makeup by 💄:
🇪🇬 Maryanna Mohsen ( )

Recorded in 🎶:

Sound Producer 🎵:

Film Production by 🎥:

Special Thanks to:
Hassan Ali ( @Hassan2332 )

Directed By 🎬:
🇲🇦 Fares Dehbi ( @dehbi_123 )