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Posted On: 27 June 2018 04:11 pm
Updated On: 19 February 2020 11:22 am

Mama Baba Ganoush tries Mexican food

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Are you craving for Mexican food at its best? Do you want to try some new and exciting Mexican food? On this special episode with Mama Baba Ganoush, we’re heading into the kitchen with Doha Marriott's guest Chef Efraín Flores, straight from Mexico as he whips up some exciting and authentic Mexican dishes for us. This is one gastronomic experience you won’t want to miss!

Efraín Flores was born in the city of Campeche, southeast of Mexico in 1983. Since he was a child, he learned the delicious flavours of his hometown's cuisine with high-quality and fresh ingredients such as octopus, red snapper, achiote, habanero pepper, pitaya and guanábana. His most fond gastronomic memories centre around the figure of his grandmother and his mother. They are great cooks from whom he learned good seasoning and fine cooking, and they inspired him to become a professional gastronomer.

Flores has worked for several restaurant and hotel companies in Mexico and Europe and has had the opportunity to work for celebrity chefs such as Guy Santoro, Juan Mari Arzak and José Andrés.