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5 dishes to try at Novecento
Enjoy al fresco dining on Novecento's beautiful new terrace while enjoying French-Italian cuisine. Watch this video to know what to eat there!
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5 dishes to try at Meat Corner
Watch this video for highlights about a new restaurant in town that you should check out!
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5 things to try at Espressolab
This top 5 video about Espressolab is a must-watch especially if you love coffee!
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5 things to try at Banyan Tree's Saffron Doha
Check out Saffron Doha's innovative menu in this Top 5 video which features authentic and refined flavours of Thai cuisine with regional specialities.
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5 things to try at Golden Gazelle Chocolate
Love chocolate? Watch our Top 5 things to try video and check out one of Qatar's most happening chocolate and desserts places!
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dine out doha
[Spoiler] Don’t watch this if you get hungry while fasting
Harees is a traditional Qatari Dish and a great way to break the fast! ILQ cooked it for the first time!
30 May 2018
Fine dining starts at the JW’s Steakhouse
Click to watch as we had a blast at the JW's Steakhouse, Doha’s best spot for a steak. They say “you cannot beat our meat” and they are right about that.
16 May 2018
Amazingly healthy and simple Ramadan recipes with Baladna products!
Are you wondering how to stay cool and refreshed through this month of Ramadan in Qatar? Watch our videos below!
7 May 2018
Dine Out Doha - Gluten free quick pumpkin bread recipe!
This incredibly quick and moist pumpkin bread is super easy to prepare! The gluten free bread bakes up moist and fluffy as well as packed with pumpkin flavor. So click, watch,...
18 April 2018
Vibrance meets authenticity at Grand Hyatt's Isaan
There's nothing like Isaan's concept anywhere in Qatar. Click here to watch why it's the to-go restaurant for Doha's hardcore Thai food lovers!
8 April 2018
Crave Brazilian Churrasco in Qatar? Check out Rodizio at Crowne Plaza Doha!
Click to watch as we bring you a taste of Carnival!
26 March 2018
Think you can surpass the Mama Baba Ganoush Challenge at #QIFF2018?
Mama Baba Ganoush graced the opening of #QIFF2018 to hold a little competition! Can you guys handle the hilarity that you're about to watch? Click here!
21 March 2018
We’re cookin’ with fire at Stock Burger Co. Doha!
Click to watch what just might be our juiciest video yet…
27 February 2018
Why Qatar’s Torba Farmers Market is a community with heart
Click to watch as our very own Mama Baba Ganoush heads to the market on a Food Finds mission!
7 February 2018
Want to know how to make desert machboos, Qatari-style?
Mama Baba Ganoush is back and this time she’s heading on a Qatar food tour for a traditional desert barbecue with a local family! Click to watch!
31 January 2018
You won't believe what Chef Wolfgang Puck makes with local ingredients in Qatar!
The Dish by Dine Out Doha brings you a mouthwatering masterclass courtesy of one of the most famous celebrity chefs on the planet -- Chef Wolfgang Puck! Click to watch!
10 January 2018
Check out what celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay does with these machboos ingredients!
On a special episode of Dine Out Doha, we’ve enlisted the help of Mama Baba Ganoush to go one-on-one with global foodie phenomenon Chef Gordon Ramsay! Click here to watch!
25 December 2017
Did you know the Caesar Salad was created in Mexico?! Surprised?
Yes, you read that right! And on this very special episode of our foodie series with Mama Baba Ganoush, we’re heading into the kitchen with celebrity Mexican Chef Ana Martorel...
5 November 2017
ILQCompetition: Win a Seascape Seafood Dinner Buffet from Doha Marriott!
So watch this episode as I take a tour with Head Chef Erhan of Doha’s newest seafood extravaganza! Plus, as an added bonus you could win a dinner for two to their new Seascape...
30 October 2017
Mama Baba Ganoush reels in the biggest catch at the Doha Marriott!
Who doesn't love a taste of the deep every now and then? And that's exactly what Mama Baba Ganoush gets in this week's latest episode of our foodie series where she checks out...
30 October 2017
Al-Majles Diyafa: Open the doors to Qatari Hospitality
Our very own foodie, Mama Baba Ganoush and superblogger, Khansa Abdul Jaleel check out Al-Majles Diyafa! The new restaurant located in Medina Centrale, The Pearl will have you...
23 October 2017
Mama Baba Ganoush shows you why you NEED to visit Australia!
Our foodie series with Mama Baba Ganoush is back with a special travel episode, as Mama Baba Ganoush returns to her home country of Australia to introduce us to the people, pl...
16 October 2017
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