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Visit Isla Mexican Kitchen to treat yourself to a flavour-explosive meal with vibrant vibes that will surely keep you visiting!
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Head over to Spontini to satisfy your pizza cravings and enjoy a lively indoor ambience or even have a relaxing alfresco dining experience!
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Anatolian-inspired beverages, chilled house beats, and the best of Turkey’s 7 regions at Yedi!
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Savour yummy Lebanese dishes at Burj Al-Hamam and take in the views of The Pearl-Qatar too at this restaurant!
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Immerse yourself in culture, art, and cuisine at Cafe #999. With revamped dishes and fresh artful interiors, Cafe #999 will feed your soul!
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dine out doha
Baking Maamoul with Qatari flour
Check out the video to know how to prepare the perfect Maamoul!
30 October 2019
Butter chicken recipe
Check out the video to know how to make authentic butter chicken in its best way at home.
23 October 2019
Korean Bibimbap recipe
Bibimbap is one of the most popular and beloved Korean dishes. Click here for the recipe!
2 October 2019
Qatari doughnut (Khanfaroush) recipe
Check out the video to know how to make this traditional Qatari dessert!
18 September 2019
ILQ makes Qatari Lentil Machboos
Watch the video to try this easy-to-follow Lentil Machboos recipe at home to serve your family and friends.  
11 September 2019
Qatari breakfast: Tomatoes and eggs recipe
Simple yet delicious, tomato and egg stir-fry is a staple Qatari dish that usually popular for breakfast. Watch the video for the step-by-step procedure.
21 August 2019
ILQ makes Tahini Date Bites
In this Dine Out Doha episode, we have prepared a super quick recipe with dates called Tahini Date Bites! Check it out!
7 August 2019
Qatari date jam recipe
If you're looking for a healthy jam recipe, look no further! Hit the PLAY button NOW for the super easy and quick to make date jam recipe.
31 July 2019
Local dates festival 2019 at Souq Waqif, Qatar
Coming in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours, and varieties, Qatar’s iconic dates go on full display at the local dates festival 2019 at Souq Waqif.
24 July 2019
Dine Out Doha: Qatari Tomato Pickle recipe
Learn how to make this easy Qatari style Tomato pickle!
3 July 2019
Must try Pakistani Dishes in Qatar!
Watch this throwback video from 2019 and get to know more about Pakistani dishes!
26 June 2019
Kabab Nakhi – a delicious Qatari appetizer
Healthy and protein packed Qatari Kebab Nakhi is one such recipe that is easy to make and delicious to eat. Check out the recipe!
19 June 2019
ILQ makes Al Nasha – a Qatari Saffron Recipe
Hit the play button to watch the video for instructions on how to make this quick Qatari dessert!
12 June 2019
Five popular Qatari dishes
Qatari cuisines are plentiful with so many different, delicious options that can appeal every foodie! Watch the video to check out five popular Qatari dishes!
29 May 2019
How to make three types of Hummus!
Watch this quick video showing you how to make different kinds of hummus that are easy to make, super-smooth and creamy!
15 May 2019
ILQ makes Qatayef (Arabic Stuffed Pancakes)
Qatayef is a family favourite for many especially during the month of Ramadan as it provides an energy boost after a day of fasting. Check out the video to know the step by st...
8 May 2019
Dates Exhibition 2019 at Souq Waqif offers variety of dates at affordable prices!
Did you visit the 2019 International Dates Exhibition at Souk Waqif yet? Watch the video to take a look at the vibes of the exhibition and don't miss to check it out!
1 May 2019
An Interview with the Cake Boy - Chef Eric Lanlard!
Our Favourite foodie Mama Baba Ganoush caught up with the award winning French patissier—the Chef Eric Lanlard as he recently visited Doha! Watch the video right away to know...
24 April 2019
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