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Posted On: 29 October 2022 03:34 pm
Updated On: 29 October 2022 04:10 pm

Arabs take to Twitter to support Qatar amidst negative campaigns regarding hosting World Cup 2022

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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The Al Sharq newspaper reported on 29 October 2022 that a Twitter hashtag '#انا_عربي_وادعم_قطر' which translates to '#Iam_Arab_Isupport_Qatar' has been trending in Qatar, Oman & Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries

The Twitter trend was established to showcase support for Qatar amidst recent negative campaigns regarding hosting the World Cup 2022.

Arab tweeters have taken to Twitter to express support and expressed that the Qatar edition of the tournament will prove to be a success.

Here are some tweets by supporters:

  • Tweet translation -"Egyptian and proud that there is an Arab country that is prepared in the best possible way to host the World Cup #انا_عربي_وادعم_قطر"

      • Tweet translation - "When Doha was chosen to host World Cup 2022 it was aware of the magnitude of the difficulties, especially the racist Western, which sees the Arabs as less than organizing such a tournament, but it accepted the challenge and succeeded and approached the end of the track,
        And the Arabs should stand with every Arab and national achievement, say that it should be repeated."

      Source: Al Sharq Newspaper
      Cover image credit: Shutterstock