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Posted On: 13 August 2022 10:25 pm
Updated On: 13 August 2022 10:48 pm

15,000 cameras to be monitored from the Aspire Command and Control Center

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Aspire zone command control center world cup

The Al Sharq newspaper reported on 13 August 2022 details of the Aspire Command and Control Center which is dedicated to monitoring the streets and stadiums during the World Cup 2022.

The command center is to monitor 15,000 cameras that are installed across the eight World Cup stadiums, which will be controlled by technicians and will facilitate communication with spectators.

Furthermore, it was reported that the control center that is located in Aspire will facilitate the management of most problems during the tournament; security-related or even small problems like toilet leakage.

Surveillance cameras that use facial recognition technology will be used to observe fans along with the usage of drones to help monitor the number of people on the streets at the time.

As per Hamad Ahmed Al Mohannadi, Director of the Leadership Center Department at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, the technology in place will allow for immediate reactions to situations during the tournament. He had further stated that,

“As long as there is no property damage and no one is injured, we will just monitor. We will have to manage and report anything related to material damage and people.”

It was also reported that in case of any emergencies the command center will be able to alert the stadiums and take the necessary measures simultaneously.

Additionally, it was mentioned that aside from knowing the number of people present at the time, they will also be able to identify how many buses and other means of transportation are available nearby.

Source & cover image credit: Al Sharq newspaper