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Posted On: 20 July 2022 01:24 pm
Updated On: 16 August 2022 12:06 pm

Places to visit near Education City Stadium

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Places near education city stadium qatar

Housing 40,000 seats, the Education City Stadium displays Islamic-inspired architecture combined with modern design. Upon tournament completion, the seats will be reduced to 20,000, while the remaining seats will be donated to build stadiums in developing countries.

As with the striking Education City Stadium, the same umbrella houses various other institutions such as the Education City Golf Club, Oxygen Park, international universities like Texas A&M University & Carnegie Mellon University and schools such as Qatar Academy.

The (ILQ) team is here with a list of places closely located to the Education City Stadium that you can explore.

You could also find more about the places near the other World Cup Stadiums here:

Education City Mosque

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Qatar Foundation

The Education City Mosque, also known as the 'Minaretein Building' is a prominent location for worshippers of the area, with a total capacity of 1,800 worshippers in its main prayer hall and another 1,000 in its exterior courtyard.

Aside from just being a place of worship, the space also serves for many relevant events.

The mosque's architecture is notable with its minarets and five pillars that read verses of the Quran, making it a popular photo destination.

Note: Non-muslims can also visit this mosque, adhering to dress code requirements of modest wear for both men and women.

  • Timings: 12 am till 11:30 pm
  • Contact number: +974 4454 6600
  • Location: Minaretein (Education City Mosque), Education City
  • Website:

QF Ceremonial Court

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Visit this spot by day and admire the sun's rays peaking through the intricately designed wall frames, or visit it at night and be mesmerized by the illuminated structure.

This picturesque spot must make it to your list of selfie spots, and visiting in winter means getting to experience the 'Torba Market'.

This farmer's market is a cute spot to appreciate and support some of Qatar's local businesses.

  • Timings: 24 Hours
  • Location: Education City, Al Luqta Street

Qatar National Library

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Shutterstock

One of the must-visit places near the Education City Stadium is the Qatar National Library. The library opened in April 2018 and has become a popular location in Qatar. It is driven by its intriguing geometrical architecture and an extensive collection of books amounting to one million physical books and 500,000 ebooks.

  • Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 8 am till 8 pm | Friday - 4 pm till 8 pm | The Children's Library closes at 6:30 pm
  • Contact number: +974 4454 0100
  • Location: District of Freedom, Education City, Al Luqta Street
  • Instagram: @qatarnationallibrary

Education City Golf Club

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Shutterstock

The Education City Golf Club is a lush green property with state-of-the-art golfing facilities. It has become a place of choice for leisure golf, padel games or even just for a stroll and some green time.

  • Timings: Daily - 6 am till 9:30 pm
  • Contact number: +974 7773 7973
  • Location: Education City
  • Instagram: @ecgolfclub

Oxygen Park

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Education City

The Oxygen Park is a gush of green amidst the infrastructure and architecture of Education City. The park aims to champion an active and healthy lifestyle for its staff, students and the public.

Green spaces and walking tracks spanning 130,000-square-meter, this park will surely give you a breath of fresh air!

Find out more about the park here!

  • Timings: Sun - 6 am till 9 pm | Mon - 5 am till 10 pm | Tues & Fri - 6 am till 11 pm | Wed - 6 am till 11:30 pm | Thurs - 6 am till 12 am | Fri - 6 am till 12 am
  • Location: Oxygen Park, Education City, Al Rayyan
  • Website:

Qur'anic Botanic Garden

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Quranic Botanical Garden

A botanical garden that boasts lush green spaces and refreshing water fountains; makes for a great relaxing space. The plants on display are a combination of various plants mentioned in Quranic scriptures, thus, setting it aside from typical parks.

Get to know more about this botanical garden here.

  • Location: Al Rayyan
  • Contact number: +974 4454 8302, +974 4454 8304
  • Instagram: @quranicgarden

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art - Mathaf

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Unlike many other purpose-built museums in Qatar, this museum is housed in a refurbished school. The museum displays artwork amounting to 9,000, ranking it alongside one of the world’s largest specialised collections.

The works displayed are a collection of over 25 years dedicated to modern and contemporary art from around the world yet remain associated with Qatar and the Arab world.

  • Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 9 am till 7 pm | Fridays - 1:30 pm till 7 pm
  • Contact number: +974 4402 8830
  • Location: Education City Student Center, Education City
  • Instagram: @mathafmodern

Al Shaqab

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Al Shaqab

A destination dedicated to the importance of the Arabian Horse and the legacy of equestrians in the history of Qatar, there is much on offer for visitors here.

Al Shaqab facilitates horse breeding, provides ambitious riders equestrian training and is also a host to many events.

You can book a tour to explore all that the foundation has on-site.

  • Timings: Subjective to tour booked
  • Contact number: +974 4454 1992
  • Location: Al Shaqab Street, Al Rayyan
  • Instagram: @alshaqab

Public art installation - The Miraculous Journey By Damien Hirst

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Visit Qatar

These thought-provoking sculptures are symbolic of their location, having been placed outside Sidra Medical and Research Center. The medical facility is dedicated to women's and children's wellness.

Unveiled in 2013, these sculptures have been a subject of much debate; however, are now significant and non-negligible when visiting the area.

  • Timings: 24 Hours
  • Location: Sidra Medical Centre, Al Rayyan
  • Instagram: @qatar_museums

Looking for a fun way to explore Education City

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Considering the proximity of all these key locations within this knowledge-based city, a fun way to get from point to point would be to hop on the Education City Tram.

This recent addition is a highlight to experiencing Education City. Find out more here!

Places to eat

Places to visit near Education City Stadium
Image used for representation purpose only, Credit: Shutterstock

Chef's Garden: An elegant eatery for a full meal basking in lush green views of the Education City Golf Club.

  • Instagram: @chefsgardendoha

Café 34: Close to Chef's Garden, this is another eatery within the Education City Golf Club where you can grab a cup of coffee and some lite bites.

  • Instagram: @ecgolfclub

Chariot: A fun eatery to visit within the premises of Al Shaqab offers a casual dining experience.

  • Instagram: @chariotqatar

Education City Student Center (Multaqa): Head to the Student Center, which has an extensive food hall with multiple eateries like Subway, Oakberry Açai & more!

Here are all your reasons to head over and explore the Education City Stadium's vicinity!


      Have you visited any of these spots? Where will you be heading? Let us know in the comments section below!