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Posted On: 17 October 2022 06:30 pm
Updated On: 15 November 2022 01:22 am

How to apply for Hayya Card for dependents

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Heading to a World Cup 2022 match with kids or dependents? You've got to have their Hayya Cards or Fan ID ready. The Hayya Card is essential for all World Cup 2022 match attendees, along with match tickets.

Children of all ages regardless of how young will require a match ticket to apply for a Hayya Card - no minimum age requirement.

Aside from being an entry permit to matches, the Hayya Card will also act as an entry permit to Qatar from 1 November 2022 till 23 December 2022.

Those with approved International Hayya Cards will also receive their separate entry permits via their registered email addresses. The entry permit will be another document stating the entry and exit dates, along with personal details.

As per the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, the last date to enter Qatar with the Hayya entry permit is 23 December 2022, and the last date to exit will be 23 January 2023.

The Hayya Card will also provide several benefits, including free public transportation.

    Before applying for the dependents' Hayya Card, you will need to ensure you have applied for your individual Hayya Card.

    How to apply for Hayya Cards for dependents

    The dependent Hayya Card can be applied for via the Hayya portal.

    1. Before applying for a dependent Hayya Card, the individual Hayya Card process should be complete.
    2. Once the individual application is complete, an 'Add Dependents' link should appear.
    3. Dependent details (personal details, photo, address) can be added via the link.
    4. 'Review & Submit' once dependent details are added.


      • An individual can apply for 10 dependent Hayya Cards. These dependents must be under 18.

      Find out more about taking children to World Cup matches here - What you need to know about taking children to World Cup matches

      Queries or concerns regarding the Hayya Card can be directed to:


      Source: Supreme Committee For Delivery & Legacy

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