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Posted On: 31 October 2022 05:00 pm
Updated On: 1 November 2022 09:54 am

Find all the answers to your Hayya Card queries here! (FAQs)

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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If you plan to attend the World Cup 2022 matches, you must have heard of the Hayya Card or Fan ID.

The Hayya Card comes with several benefits and clauses and the (ILQ) team is here to give you answers to all your Hayya Card questions based on the information provided by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy.

1. What is a Hayya Card?

The Hayya Card is a Fan ID mandatory for all match-goers of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

2. What is a Hayya Card for?

The Hayya Card is a mandatory requirement to enter stadiums on match days along with match tickets.

For International fans, you will need your Hayya Card + Hayya Entry Permit (sent via email) to enter Qatar.

3. What are the basic benefits of having a Hayya Card?

  • Multiple entry to Qatar.
  • Free access to the following for all Hayya Cardholders:
    • Doha Metro
    • Public Buses
    • Tournament Buses
    • Trams
    • Smart journey planning via the "Hayya App"
    • Fan experiences

4. Will my Hayya Card continue to give me free transportation after the tournament is over?

Hayya Cardholders can avail of free public transport (metro & buses) from 10 November to 23 December 2022.

    5. Who needs a Hayya Card?

    • All match-goers require a Hayya Card - local, international, GCC nationals, GCC residents, including those coming to Qatar via the matchday shuttle.
    • Hayya Cards are also required for those under the age of 18 and even special needs ticket holders.
    • Here's how you can: apply for Hayya Card for dependents

    6. Do children need a Hayya Card?

    Yes, children of all ages require a Hayya Card and match ticket. Find out how to apply for a Hayya Card for dependents here!

      7. Is Hayya Card required for Qatar citizens & residents?

      All match goers require Hayya Cards.

        8. Do Qatari citizens and residents outside Qatar need a Hayya Card to enter Qatar during the tournament?

        No, Qatari citizens and residents entering Qatar during the tournament will not require a Hayya Card. They will only require it to enter stadiums to attend matches.

          9. Is there a charge for the Hayya Card?

          Hayya Cards are free for all match ticket holders and do not require additional payment.

            10. How to apply for a Hayya Card?

            11. Do I need a match ticket to apply for a Hayya Card?

            Yes, a match ticket is required to apply for a Hayya Card unless you enter Qatar via the Hayya with Me (1+3) entry option.

            12. Do I need a Hayya Card to purchase match tickets or book accommodation?

            No, you do not need a Hayya Card to buy a match ticket or book accommodation.

              13. What documents are needed to apply for the Hayya Card?

              • Match ticket
              • Photo
              • Qatar ID/ Passport

              14. What are the specifications of the Hayya Card photo?

              • File size of the photo must be less than 2 MB.
              • The photo must be in jpg format.
              • 70-80% of the photo must be the face.
              • The photo must be in colour.
              • The photo must be 30 mm in width and 40 mm in height.
              • The background must be white or blue.
              • The applicant must be easily identifiable.

              15. How long does it take to get a Hayya Card?

              • Local fans (residents) - up to 3 days
              • International fans - up to 5 days

              16. How to download your Hayya Card?

              The Hayya Card can be downloaded via the Hayya to Qatar 2022 application (Android | iOS).

                17. How to get a physical Hayya Card?

                18. Can a physical Hayya Card be re-issued if lost?

                No, the physical Hayya Card can only be printed once.

                  19. What is the Hayya Card validity?

                  The Hayya Card is valid from 1 November to 23 January 2023.

                    20. I bought multiple match tickets, how many Hayya Cards do I need to apply?

                    Only one Hayya Card is required per person for the tournament duration.

                    21. How long can I stay in Qatar with Hayya Card?

                    • Hayya Cardholders can enter Qatar from 1 November 2022.
                    • The last date to enter Qatar with a Hayya Card is 23 December 2022.
                    • The last date for Hayya Cardholders to exit Qatar will be 23 January 2023.

                    22. Do I need a visa to Qatar if I have a Hayya Card?

                    • Hayya Cardholders do not require a visa to enter Qatar. Their Hayya Card and Hayya Entry Permit (received via email) will act as their visa to enter Qatar.
                    • Note: Visit visas are suspended from 1 November till 23 December 2022.

                    23. Do I need a Hayya Card if I come to Qatar for work or business during the tournament?

                    Yes, all visitors to Qatar from 1 November to 23 December 2022 will require a Hayya Card regardless of the purpose of the visit.

                        24. Can I get my Hayya Card without an accommodation booking?

                        • You can begin your Hayya Card application without having booked accommodation. If you are an international fan, your Hayya Card application will only be completed once your accommodation is validated through the Hayya portal.
                        • Find out how to book accommodation step-by-step here- How to book accommodation for World Cup Qatar 2022

                        25. Do I need a Hayya Card to apply for accommodation on a third-party website?

                        No, a Hayya Card is not required to apply for accommodation. The Hayya Card application process can be started and will remain pending until accommodation is confirmed.

                        26. If I'm hosting family and friends but not attending matches, do I need a Hayya Card?

                        No, a Hayya Card is not a requirement to host family and friends.

                          27. Do I need an approved Hayya Card to apply for Hayya with Me (1+3)?

                          Only those with an approved international Hayya Card can apply for Hayya with Me (1+3) service.

                            28. Do visitors coming through the Hayya with Me (1+3) service need a Hayya Card?

                            • Yes, a Hayya Card will be required.
                            • The Hayya with Me (1+3) applicant should follow these steps:
                              • Apply for Hayya Card.
                              • From ‘Applicant Category’, select ‘Hayya with Me Voucher’.
                              • Enter voucher code.
                              • Select ‘Validate my Voucher’.
                              • Accept terms, review and submit.
                            • Note: A charge of QR 500 per person will apply to the visitors availing the Hayya with Me (1+3) feature.

                            29. Can I attend matches with only a digital Hayya Card?

                            Yes, physical Hayya Cards are not mandatory; therefore, a digital Hayya Card will be sufficient to enter the stadiums to watch the matches.

                              30. If my Hayya Card is rejected, can I apply again?

                              Yes, in the case of a rejected application, you can apply twice again by providing the application data and other additional information communicated to you.

                                31. What can I do if I entered the wrong information in my Hayya Card application?

                                • In the case of incorrect application data entered, you will have to await a response to your initial application before submitting another application with the correct data.
                                • Your application may be amended via the Hayya portal. However, you cannot amend an application which is in progress.

                                32. When will I receive my Hayya Entry Permit?

                                International Hayya Cardholders have begun receiving entry permits from 1 October 2022.

                                  33. What is the passport validity required to apply for a Hayya Card?

                                  GCC and other international fans require a passport validity until 23 March 2023 to be able to apply for a Hayya Card.

                                    34. When is the last date or deadline to apply for a Hayya Card?

                                    The last date to apply for a Hayya Card is 18 December 2022.

                                      35. How can I get assistance with Hayya Card inquiries?

                                      The Hayya Card call centre can be reached via the following means:

                                      • Email: [email protected]
                                      • WhatsApp: 4441 2022
                                      • Hotline:
                                        • 800 2022 (Local)
                                        • +974 4412 2022 (International)

                                      36. I am already in Qatar under a family visit visa that will expire during FIFA World Cup, what do I need to do to be legally allowed to stay in Qatar during FIFA World Cup?

                                      Family members in Qatar on a visit visa who plan to stay in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup through Hayya can visit the nearest MOI Service Center starting from the first week of November 2022 to change their permit status, should their visit visa be expiring in November or December.

                                      Those whose visit visas will expire in October need to exit and re-enter with a Hayya entry permit or risk paying penalties while the change of permit status is being processed.


                                      Source: Supreme Committee For Delivery & Legacy

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