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24 March 2017 08:00 am

Thunder, rain and lightning warning

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<p>Qatar Meteorology Department has warned of thundery rain associated with strong wind on Friday in the inshore areas of the country.</p><p>It was forecast earlier that the country will experience yet another spell of unstable weather and rain from Thursday evening until Monday.</p><p>The Met Office has advised people to avoid going to the sea, in view of the weather fluctuations.</p><p>Friday’s offshore warning is strong wind, high sea and thundery rain. In inshore areas, the southeasterly-northeasterly wind could range from 7-19 knots, reaching 35 knots at times during thundery rain.</p><p>At offshore, northeasterly-southeasterly wind could range from 18-25 knots, reaching 35 knots with thundery rain.</p><p>Sea level may reach 5ft at times at places inshore, while offshore it could reach 13ft with thundery rain.</p><p>The maximum temperature of 28C is expected at Abu Samra, followed by 26C at Dukhan, 25C in Doha and 24C at Mesaieed, Wakrah, Al Khor and Ruwais.</p><p>The minimum temperature of 20C is expected at Mesaieed, Wakrah, Al Khor, Ruwais, Dukhan and Abu Samra, followed by 21C in Doha.</p><p>The Met Office has urged the public to take extra care as thunderstorms may be accompanied by hail at times and strong winds that could raise dust and cause a sudden drop in visibility.</p><p>The other safety tips to be observed during thunderstorms are as follows: “Try to stay indoors and make sure to close car windows if you are driving to avoid the risk of lightning.</p><p>“Try to stay away from open water as much as possible and if you are swimming outdoors, stop immediately and head to a safe place. Avoid standing in high areas or on the roofs or under trees and electricity poles. Unplug the power supply of home appliances to protect them from thunderbolts.” (<a href=""><em>Source</em></a>)</p>