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18 August 2014 12:59 pm

Scattered rains likely today

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<p>Scattered rains are  expected in the south-western parts of the country today, according to a forecast by the Meteorology Department. <br /><br /> However, rains will be experienced only in the above-mentioned areas for a very short period of time, said Abdulla Al Mannai, Head of the Forecast and Analysis Section. <br /><br /> Although rains in mid-summer are a rare phenomenon, such scattered rains limited to specific places of the country occur every year in August due to a weather condition called ‘Mesoscale.’ <br /><br /> “Rains at an isolated place during August are not exceptional. It has happened during the past 10  years. <br /><br /> “But this time rains will not be extended to other places and will not last for long,” said Al Mannai. <br /><br /> “Usually rains occur only for a very short period between 1pm and 6pm,” he added. <br /><br /> Meanwhile, the daily weather chart issued by the department forecast that southwestern parts of the country are expected to experience scattered clouds and strong winds will be felt in the eastern parts of the country. <br /><br /> However, other areas will be hot and relatively humid during the day, said the department.</p><p><em>Photo: <a class="irc_hl irc_hol" href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=images&amp;cd=&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;docid=Z9dGn05Pf_QR8M&amp;tbnid=DrbfQnHE7nVPRM:&amp;ved=0CAQQjB0&amp;;ei=ls3xU8X0Csic0QWDu4DwCg&amp;bvm=bv.73231344,d.d2k&amp;psig=AFQjCNHqywGSiRQJeQ04ukXKvqYOR6EIpg&amp;ust=1408442053334566"></a></em></p>