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Posted On: 22 September 2021 03:00 pm
Updated On: 25 August 2022 05:32 pm

Looking to make extra money? Turn your house into a ‘Holiday Home’ today!

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Looking to make extra money? Turn your house into a ‘Holiday Home’ today!

Do you have an apartment or a villa that is not being used? Would you like to earn extra income by sharing your space for a short-term lease? Join Qatar Tourism’s most recent initiative and turn your property into a holiday rental!

What is ‘Holiday Homes’?

Holiday Homes is Qatar's new hospitality offering as the country gears up for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Qatar Tourism, in an effort to promote the operation of holiday homes throughout the country, introduces the Holiday Home Regulation Programme.

Qatar Tourism is responsible for licensing, classification, and grading of all Holiday Homes and accommodation providers in the country. It is mandated to ensure that interested parties or individuals requesting a license to operate Holiday Homes meet the clear criteria of facilities and services.

Corporate and private owners can register their properties for short-term rental to visitors and residents alike, provided they measure up to required guidelines. Frequent inspections will be conducted by Qatar Tourism in order to maintain standards. This is part of Qatar Tourism’s efforts to promote a safe and enjoyable experience for those who visit Qatar.

Owners who rent apartments or villas in tourist areas or standalone villas in other areas are encouraged to apply for a license and undergo a classification process based on certain requirements that include quality standards, amenities, health and safety regulations, accessibility criteria, code of conduct, and environmental sustainability, according to Qatar Tourism.

With Holiday Homes, not only will you become an entrepreneur, but you can also join the country in providing innovative hospitality experiences and memorable stays for all guests!

How to apply for a Holiday Homes license

● Visit

  • Either sign in directly to the e-licensing system using your NAS credentials (username is your QID number).
  • Or, sign up first to register yourself to the NAS portal in case you are not registered yet.
  • Once logged in, go to the 'My Profile' section (on the right-hand side).
  • Press + on the Services list on the right-hand side of the screen and select 'Issue Holiday Home License' from the dropdown list.
    • Read Terms & Conditions and press ‘Accept’.
        • Fill in the location information fields and press ‘Next’.
        • Fill in facility data fields and press ‘Submit
        • Fill in other facilities fields and press ‘Next’.
        • Choose the rack rate year from the rack rate drop-down list and press ‘Next’.
        • Press on ‘Add New’ to add rack rate item prices and press ‘Submit’.
        • Press ‘Add New’ in rack rate season definition and choose season type from the drop-down list and choose start date and end date then press ‘Submit’. Repeat this step to add more season definitions.
        • Review the added information in this section and press ‘Proceed’.
        • Press ‘Next’.
        • Press on ‘🖊’ to upload the required documents, then press 'Next'.
        • Read the disclaimer, select ‘I agree’ if the data entered is correct, then press ‘Submit’.
        • You will receive a confirmation message that the application has been submitted, press ‘Close’.

        Where to advertise your property rental listing

        Here are some websites where you can list your property and start earning some good money.


        Source and image credits: Qatar Tourism
        Cover image credit: Shutterstock