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Posted On: 2 July 2018 03:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

Top 5 Al Khor summer destinations worth a visit this weekend!

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Detaching from your daily corporate routine in Doha is always a great idea—especially during the weekends! But where to go? In Al Khor, there's actually tons of things to do if we will just learn to really go out there and explore!

As usual, the ILQ team got your ultimate Al Khor checklist guide covered and you can kick off the fun and adventure by showing this article some love and shares and scrolling all the way down!

Enjoy the summer!

1. Al Thakhira Beach

Al Thakira Beach, Al Khor, Qatar

Al Thakhira—translated as 'Ammunition' in English—is a town on the coast of Al Khor. The area is home to the Al Thakhira Nature Reserve, an island with mangroves, and a beach.The newly-renovated beach, when witnessed on eye level, is without a doubt one of the most preserved beaches in Qatar. The Municipal Authority did a stellar job renovating this hot weekend spot. They brought in soft and pristine white sand to fill up the at least 2 kilometre-long beach with benches, canopies, a jogging and bicycle track, and a playground for kids adding up to the overall experience.

2. Al Khor Corniche

Al Khor Corniche
(Source: Qatar Tribune)

Another recently-renovated attraction in Al Khor is their Corniche. Asghal replaced the pedestrian walkway floor, which was made of concrete, with 22,500 square metres of granite and interlock with different designs, shapes and colours to give the Al Khor Corniche a distinctive, aesthetic character. The children's play area was as well completely renovated and three new areas will be added soon. The play areas will open to the public this month. In addition, 256 seats and 46 pergolas will be provided by Ashghal. Also, public toilets in the area will be fully renovated and new facilities will be added for people with special needs.

3. Al Khor Park

Al Khor Park, Qatar
(Source: Overflowing Grace Youtube)

A real leisure to visit for the whole family, the well-reputed Al Khor Park is super neat and the fresh breeze that surrounds it all-day long will surely keep you in a good mood and provide you a clear mind. They have an open grassy lawn, a tiny zoo, and a fully-shaded playgroun for children. One of the best green parks that you can visit in the country, the facility also boasts a reasonable entrance fee price and a wide selection of quick bites and restaurants.

4. Purple Island

Purple Island, Al Khor, Qatar
(Source: WahyuInQatar)

If you're seeking for an exotic outlet away from the hustle and bustle of Doha but not too far from Al Khor, then you just found a fit with the Purple Island. Surrounded by mangroves and is suitable for family outings, you can go to this paradise with a sedan. There used to be a causeway leading to the island but it has been dismantled just recently. In order to reach the area, you will have to wade through knee deep water and mud/sand. We would also advice you to observe extra precaution as the ground may tend to get too slippery! Explore during the high tide for a chance to see flamingos, thousands of small shell crabs, and fossils lingering around.

5. Al Tawasul Traditional Park

Al Tawasul Traditional Park, Al Khor, Qatar
(Source: Qatar Canadian)

A recent addition to the traditional parks of Qatar, the Al Tawasul Traditional Park is a miniature version of the above-mentioned Al Khor Park. The park is spread over 28,500 square meters and houses several recreational areas like the children’s play area, a football ground and an athlete walkway. A unique feature of this park is the environment section. With a wide variety of trees and plants planted here, they also have facilities that house different animals and birds such as goats, chickens, and peacocks. This is a great way for children to learn about the environment and nature. While here, do pay a visit to the traditional fountain. There is a field to play football too.

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Have you tried exploring the small but promising municipality of Al Khor for a day? What are some of the summer destinations that we've missed to include on this article? Drop us a line in the comments below and also, don't forget to like and share this article—it keeps us going!