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Posted On: 15 January 2019 12:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:02 pm

This South Asian island nation has been named the 'Best Country to Visit in 2019!'

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Remember same time last year when we listed five reasons why you should book a flight to Sri Lanka from Qatar? Well, looks like we did you guys a favour when we published that article exactly one year ago under the website's Globetrotter section as the South Asian island nation was recently named by travel guide publisher Lonely Planet (LP) as the 'Best Country to Visit in 2019!'

According to LP's travel editors, Sri Lanka was chosen because of a diversity of experiences, great food, and a burgeoning tourism industry that it ultimately radiates.

The teardrop-shaped country, which is strategically located in the southeast of India and northeast of the Maldives, is known for its scenic train rides, tea plantations, and ancient temples.

Travel to Sri Lanka from Qatar

The decision to put Sri Lanka on top was made under LP's 'Best In Travel' annual search where LP editors find the top countries, regions, and cities to visit in the next 12 months.

In order for the team to narrow down 195 countries into just one, the six-person panel had to endure a lot of time, effort, and brainstorming before making the final call.

As enumerated by the LP team, here are four reasons which makes Sri Lanka an undisputed runaway winner for the most-coveted top spot:

  1. The diversity of experience is huge
  2. There’s a growing surf scene which a lot of people might not know about
  3. The beaches are breathtaking, and the waves attract tourists and locals
  4. It's bursting with culture and religion
Travel to Sri Lanka from Qatar

“Sri Lanka is a destination revived in a sense that it’s recovering from a lot of years of civil war. And in the past few years, and moving into 2019 they’ve really been investing a lot in tourism infrastacture. This is opening up new parts of the country that really weren’t accessible to travelers beforehand," shared LP destination editor Bailey Freeman.

Her advice for travelers to Sri Lanka: “Move around, mix your experiences. Go to the beach, go to some lesser-known temples, ride the train, because it’s so accessible you can see it all."

This year's 'Top City' goes to Copenhagen, Denmark while Piedmont, Italy was named 'Top Region' for 2019.

Sri Lankans are the 6th biggest expat community in Qatar and Qatar Airways operates daily flights to Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport—and vice versa—on a daily basis.

Travel to Sri Lanka from Qatar

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