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8 January 2019 02:50 pm

Qatar Airways awarded 'Most Punctual Airline of 2018'

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Gulf Times reported that Qatar Airways was the “World’s Most Punctual International Network Airline” with 89.8% of its 177,324 flights monitored departing on time in 2018, an analysis by FlightGlobal’s FlightStats shows.

OneWorld, a well-known airline league which Qatar Airways is a member of, was also hailed the alliance with the most punctual airline operations last year for the sixth year running.

The latest figures are based on analysis by FlightGlobal’s FlightStats of some 45mn flights operated by hundreds of airlines globally in the past year—which clearly showed that OneWorld members collectively maintained a more punctual operation across the 12 months than their counterparts in the other global airline groups.

FlightGlobal FlightStats said its awards are “designed to recognise the hard work of the airlines that demonstrate consistently high performance and deliver on their promise to get passengers to their destinations on-time”.

It curates the data from more than 600 global sources.

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