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Al Khor Mall hosts ‘Festival of Flavours’ to offer great gastronomic experiences
Check out the few glimpses of the Festival of Flavours event at Al Khor Mall!
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Security and traffic plans to facilitate access to IAAF Doha 2019 venue in place
For more information on security and traffic plans during IAAF Doha 2019, read our news story.
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QRCS concludes health education programs for 53,000 beneficiaries
The workshops were attended by over 3,000 students, workers, persons with special needs, and society members, both male and female. Read the full story.
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QRCS lays cornerstone for two huge projects in Kyrgyzstan
Qatar Charity (QRCS) has laid the cornerstone for two large projects in Kyrgyzstan. Click to read more!
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Qatar Chamber Discusses enhancing cooperation with Chinese Foreign Trade Center
The meeting focused on enhancing bilateral cooperation between Qatar Chamber and the Chinese Foreign Trade Center to bolster trade volume.
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