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Posted On: 13 June 2022 01:11 pm
Updated On: 13 June 2022 01:14 pm

Can a retreat in the Maldives get any better than this?

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ILQ Staff
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Joali being maldives budufushi

Do you feel like your everyday life is hectic and you are just juggling between work and finding time to relax? You don't get to eat properly, skip meals or just drink coffee to survive your day? Then it's time to relax and rejuvenate!

In just 5 hours via direct flight from Hamad International Airport to Male International Airport, your hassle-free retreat starts!

JOALI BEING, Seaplane Lounge

joali being maldives seaplane lounge
JOALI BEING Seaplane Lounge

A staff from JOALI BEING awaits you at the airport, takes you to the seaplane terminal which is about 5 minutes away, and assists you with checking into the plane while you can simply relax at the JOALI BEING lounge with refreshments. They will also check you at the same time.

JOALI BEING, Budufushi, Maldives

Gateway to JOALI BEING, Budufushi, Maldives

45 minutes of the seaplane journey is not boring at all as you will be busy taking photos and video clips of the beautiful emerald sea and islands. The arrival at JOALI BEING will make you feel that you are entering a whole new place where you can finally relax!

Jadugar - Your personal butler

Joali being butler jadugar
Your Jadugar is always there to assist you!

Cheerful staff will welcome you to their island and your own butler also called “Jadugar” will take you to your villa. You can reach out to them anytime during your stay via a mobile phone provided to you. They will assist you with absolutely everything you need!

Pool Villas

Joali being villas
JOALI BEING offers 14 different types of villas!

There are 14 different types of villas for a single person or a group of people. You can either stay at the ocean pools or beach pools whichever you prefer!

Amenities - you don't need to bring anything!

JOALI BEING, amenities

At JOALI BEING, basic amenities like toiletries are provided to you. On top of that, comfortable uniforms and nightgowns are also provided They get replaced every day. So you don't need to worry about what to wear when at JOALI BEING!

Eco-bag, yoga mat, after-sun gel, speaker, water bottle, 3 different types of bath salts, life jacket, snorkelling kits, and sandals are all provided in the room, so all you have to bring is yourself!

Coffee, tea & mini-bar

Joali Being Coffee and Tea
Varieties of tea and coffee at JOALI BEING!

Since this place is a retreat, there are no soft drinks, chips or the usual mini bar items. Instead, you will have protein bars, granola bars and other healthy snacks in the room for the much needed detox!

Vibrant food

Joali Being Food
Vibrant food at JOALI BEING!

Who says healthy food doesn't taste great? Food was the best thing during the stay! Breakfast and dinner will be served at the Flow and lunch is served at Mojo Restaurant.

Their menu follows the "Earth to Table" concept bringing together their four pillars which are Mind, Microbiome, Skin and Energy. Seafood, meat and vegetarian options are all available and there are plenty of dishes to try out every day.

You will see fermented pickled vegetables are repeated in many dishes as a garnish but this is a great way to sustain their food waste and they go well with absolutely everything. Make sure you try their homemade kombuchas too!

Staying healed

joali being consultation room
JOALI BEING's consultation room

You can book a room and add individual activities as you desire or book the immersion programme.

As part of the immersion programme, you can have a consultation and assessment session with the doctor, who will guide you to improve on your weaknesses in Energy, Mind, Skin, and Weight Rebalance.

Custom medicinal herbal tea and essential oil roller will be provided after the session along with a report.

Staying active

Joali Being Maldives Gym
Staying active at JOALI BEING!

You can stay active and fit during your stay as there is a fully equipped gym. 3D fitness and alignment analysis tools, and daily movement classes. Football field, tennis court, snorkelling and so many other outdoor activities can be enjoyed as well.

A bike is given to everyone so you can bike around the island!

Staying relaxed

Staying relaxed at JOALI BEING!

Four Pillars Signature Massage is a treatment which will relax you further. You will wake up with a lighter body and the herbal tea of your choice will make your day complete.

If you are not a tea person, worry not as you will start appreciating the tea culture once you are here!

Children's retreat - Joy of BEING

joali being joy of being
For the first time ever, JOALI BEING is offering kid's retreat programme.

For the first time this summer, a children’s retreat programme is being launched this June-August where they can disconnect themselves from technology by doing actual activities.

  • Jungle Yoga
  • Active Meditation
  • Morning Energy Dance
  • Anti-Gravity Super Yoga
  • Beach boot camp
  • ‘Ninja’ martial arts
  • Pilates
  • Dance classes
  • Tennis Tournaments
  • Football Tournaments
  • MasterChef-style cooking classes
  • Smoothie and “nice-cream” making classes
  • Kombucha and Iced Tea tasting
  • Sea Gardening and Semi-Submarine adventures
  • Medicine Garden and Herbology workshops

The “Joy of BEING” programme for children is $150 (subject to taxes) per night, per child, and per stay in addition to the accommodation fees.

Staff - genuinely friendly and helpful

Joali Being Maldives Staffs
Cheerful staff at JOALI BEING!

The smiles in this photo tell you everything! The communication level among the staff is well managed, you do not need to remind or repeat yourself to anyone. They call you by your name, remember your preferences and are genuinely helpful.

Joali Being hammock in the beach
Swing away your worries on this hammock at JOALI BEING!


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