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Posted On: 28 April 2016 04:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Further Aid for Syrian Refugees from QRCS

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Two contracts were signed on the 25th of April by Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) with the Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organization of Dar Al-Fatwa in Lebanon. This is part of Qatar’s contribution to humanitarian assistance, relief and medical projects for the displaced Syrians. During the year of 2016 QRCS will aid Syrian refugees in these aspects in Lebanon.

The ceremony of signing the contracts was held in the Dar Al-Fatwa headquarters, attended by Lebanon’s mufti, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian, the chairman of the Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organization, Hajj Riad Itani, the head of the QRCS mission in Lebanon, Omar Katerji, and his assistants.

On the contracts signed, Sheikh Derian stated: “They will harness cooperation to help Syrian refugees with relief, development, and health care projects. We congratulate the two organizations for this noble work”.

This aid from Qatar and Lebanon is not only noble but also essential to ensure shelter, relief, and health services to the Syrians who have lost more than just their country and homes.

Sheikh Derian also added, “Relief for refugees is an indispensable duty that is religiously exhorted. We thank QRCS and the Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organization for their previous benevolent activities, and we bless this joint effort. QRCS has always been there not only for the Syrian refugees but also for the Lebanese across the board”.

The ceremony also highlighted feelings of hope for positive results and impact for refugees and Lebanese people, and emphasized the contributions Qatar has made in Lebanon that have reached the lives of many and that Lebanon looks forward to future projects. Hajj Itani commented on past collaborations with QRCS, was very thankful for that and sees the two agreements as vital steps in the right direction.

The support of health center Wadi Khalid and free catering of food packages during the holy month of Ramadan are the focus of the projects. With these projects, there is definitely hope and room for further humanitarian projects! Katerji wishes that such future projects will follow with the collaboration of Dar Al-Fatwa. He also underlined the importance of the projects in regards to providing hot water using solar heaters, as well as food security. Informal efforts with Dar Al-Fatwa were already achieved by heating the tents for refugees in Al-Beqqa.

Such wonderful work needs to be recognized and supported. Like the projects of QRCS, or want to learn more about what they do in Lebanon, Palestine and Qatar? Visit their website and support them by making donations.
Everyone can take part in helping the displaced people of Syria find home, peace and better lives. Find out what you can do to help!

Source: QNA