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Posted On: 12 April 2020 04:54 pm
Updated On: 6 March 2023 05:17 pm

Things to do at home in Qatar: April 12- April 18, 2020

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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Looking for something to do in Doha? We're bringing you this special edition of Things to Do to keep you occupied over the week ahead. With most of the establishments closed and events postponed or canceled, it would be helpful to still have a semblance of routine, so we're bringing you a list of things you can do at home instead!

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April 12, 2020: Online Courses

It’s the perfect time to explore areas you never got to when you were in school, pick up a new skill. You can even find some free online classes that will put the present in perspective, improve your cooking, and even help you earn money from your home. For example, Skillshare class covers all the basics about transforming your creations into some cash. You’ll learn how to create, prep, upload, and market your work.

April 13, 2020: Bring green to your space through indoor gardening

Gardening can be a great way to productively pass the time during social distancing, self-quarantine, and self-isolation. Plus with many schools closed until further notice, indoor gardening is one way to keep kids entertained. Container gardens look fabulous and are perfect for those limited to a balcony or a small yard. Depending on the size of the container, you can plant armfuls of colorful flowers or grow veggies and herbs in these pots.

April 14, 2020: Let you kids join the digital library

Though here's no substitute for the library, however, some offer great ebook options. For example, epic - this app provides a large variety of books and there are audiobook versions as well. Some even have quizzes at the end. Your kids can practice reading on their own and you can get some time to yourself with this app! Click here to download the App.

April 15, 2020: Create some art

Painting is a great way for kids and adults to express themselves, learn a new skill, and help you see ordinary things in a whole new way. If you are looking for some super cool and unique art projects for kids, check out Artful Parent.

April 16, 2020: Try a healthy recipe

Social distancing may just be the excuse you need to brush up on your cooking creativity. Also eating healthy during self-quarantine and isolation is very important to keep your immune system strong. T

April 17, 2020: Work out at home

Can’t go to the gym? No worries! All you need is a comfortable space in your home to do your daily workout, your gadget, and an internet connection. While the gyms and fitness centers are closed right now due to the coronavirus outbreak in Qatar, these gyms and instructors are offering FREE daily workouts that you can easily follow through their social media accounts.

April 18, 2020: Play some brain games

Keep your mind active and calm can be challenging during this time of COVID-19 outbreak. Thankfully there are plenty of fun and educational brain games to help you stay busy in a creative way. Lumosity is one of such apps developed by neuroscientists that hosts over 60 games designed specifically to improve your cognition and memory. It’s available on Apple, Android or computer.

Staying at home doesn't have to be boring! Let us know if you found these activities helpful and don't forget to hit like and share - it keeps us going!

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